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Advertising Info

MF magazine is an international, quarterly publication that blends the best in independent music, fashion, film and the arts in a revolutionary way. It’s not what you typically see on your local newsstand. MF pushes the boundaries of the magazine industry by providing thought provoking interviews with equal presence to both the well known and lesser known names of the groundbreaking, independent thinkers who will shape our future.


With a unique distribution system, MF reaches the homes, computer screens, iPads, and iPhones of over 30,000 readers per issue. MF utilizes a “Green” approach to magazine printing by featuring a print-on-demand service for each print issue and providing a beautiful flippable online version through MF’s website and  directly on readers iPhones or iPads. In addition to online and home delivery, MF magazine can be found at select boutiques across the country along with various film, music and arts festivals around the world. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Tumblr, Blip, Vimeo, and other online outlets help create a targeted  readership.


MF sets up its advertising in a different way compared to other publications. Advertisers are important to the publication and are carefully selected to ensure the vibe and integrity of the magazine is intact. While many publications are saturated with advertisements, MF limited the ads to guarantee the reader is getting first rate editorial content with complimentary ads. MF works closely with each advertiser to build a strong marketing plan to ensure the advertiser benefits the most from their advertising budget. MF prefers ads that represent the vision of MF and seeks advertisers who believe in this vision.


Fore more information on advertising with MF please download our Media Kit or email advertising@musicfashionmagazine.com.



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