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Posted by Erik Schultz


Sophomore Truth or Dare from SophomoreNYC on Vimeo.

Photographer Cass Bird has been shooting lookbooks for the clothing brand Sophomore since designer and owner Chrissie Miller launched in 2008. Bird’s photos for the label are documentary-style storyboards of fun, letting things naturally unfold, instead of having the shoots staged. 

Set in downtown New York, with a cast of non-model beauties reading like a downtown yearbook, the brand’s latest video titled "Truth or Dare" is shot at the Bowery hotel with actress Chloe Sevigny, tattoo/artist Scott Campbell, style icon Jen Brill and writers Sarah Howard and Lesley Arfin among others. 

Chronicling an evening of “Hanging out” in Sophomore's Spring/Summer 2011 collection drinking, chatting while playing a game of “Truth or dare.” The short film was inspired by Madonna’s original documentary playing tribute with short switches from black and white to color. Like all of Cass' work, it's hard to tell what is fact or fiction, but that is the allure and being able to draw your own conclusions of the intangible lifestyle of downtown NYC. 

Sophomore began in 2003 with a single T-shirt design and has grown into a complete collection of contemporary sportswear available through out the US including key retailers Opening Ceremony, Lisa Klein, Shop Bop and Sak’s Fifth Avenue. 


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