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Adam Hicks

Adam Hicks

Article by Lauren Weigle

Photo by J Squared Photography
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There’s one thing I think we all know… If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s a duck. Such is definitely the case with Adam Hicks. He's a star without a doubt. Hicks is a talented artist who excels in so many things with an emphasis on music and acting. Yes, I know we hear this about young stars all the time… that they can sing and act and do everything else under the sun. So what makes Adam Hicks so different? What makes Adam Hicks really stand out from the rest? Read on and find out!


Okay, so I hear you have a ton of pets. How many do you have?

My family has always had a lot of pets. My Mom is a big animal lover so growing up she would have me and my brother help her rescue dogs off the street. If we couldn’t find a home for them we would adopt them as our pets! Now I have two Chihuahuas and three Cats. All rescued!



Are you just a total lover of animals?

Yes, I really love animals. I would really love to have a pug one day. I work and travel so much that I just don’t have the time to take care of one now, but I’m sure if I ever get one my mother would be happy to take care of it. So, for now I will have to wait.



What else do you love or what other passions do you have?

My passion is writing. I love putting my experiences down on paper and turning it into a rap/song. I love to perform there's really nothing like it, it’s an incredible feeling. Even when filming, I love it when they say "Action". I also have this passion for history. Growing up, my grandmother would always talk about the war. Her stories sparked my interest in learning and reading from history books.



Well, of course, music is a major love of yours as well. When did you discover that this was your calling?

When I was young I was always writing and performing. Then, in the fourth grade there was a school talent show and I decided to rewrite the words to "Guess who’s back” by Eminem. I, of course, rapped "Adams back”. (He laughs.) At the end, all the kids clapped and the girls screamed. So that was it for me. I thought,I guess they liked it!



Was it the same for you in terms of acting?

No, acting came earlier. To be honest, I kept watching the first Home Alone movie and knew it word for word. I would even act it out for my family! Back then I kept asking my mom to take me to Hollywood and sign me up for acting. My mom’s a nurse and she really didn't know how to get me started, so she just told me to sign up for drama in middle school. Luckily we had some agents come to Las Vegas and then my mom finally got to take me to Hollywood. And that's how I got started.



Well, you’ve been on quite a few TV series’ already. Want to give me a brief recap?

Well my first job was for a commercial where I played "OPIE" Ron Howard for “The best of Andy Griffin" DVD. Then I got the role of Dave from the hit TV series Titus on Fox. From there I made my way to movies.



Okay, let’s hear about Lemonade Mouth.

Lemonade Mouth is about a group of five kids who meet in detention and form a band as well as great friendships. It's about each character’s life and what they achieve and struggle through. I think Lemonade Mouth is a great movie for all ages because there’s something everyone can relate to and the music is great. It will even get the adults tapping their feet!



Let’s talk more about your latest… Zeke and Luther…

Well it's a comedy, where Zeke plays the sane guy while I play the Zany one. Our characters are best buddies who get themselves into lots of different situations. It’s really a great comedy for kids.



What’s it like to play Luther?

Luther is a Zany, funny guy. His character isn’t afraid to be himself and will do the things he wants to do without a care about what people might think. On the show, he gets himself into these funny and crazy situations!



What kind of role would you like to play next?

To be honest, for me it's about the role and the script. I like drama, but I love comedy, so I guess it just depends on the project. I like the challenge that acting gives me and I just try to do the best I can so that my fans can really get into the story and its characters.



Okay, so I have to ask about your remake of MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This. Please tell me all about it.

That was a really fun music video. We loved the song and it was really great doing the remake and the dancing. We had a lot of fun with that one!



Any other blast from the past songs on your list to re-do?

I was thinking it would be fun for Disney to have us do Lets Dance by David Bowie. I think we could really hype it up and also get some really good dance moves in... just a thought.



Aside from the music and acting, what else do you have on your agenda to conquer?

Opening for Lady GaGa, Eminem, and I would love to meet Robert Redford! My brother and I go up to the Sundance Film Festival and snow board in the winter and I think it would be so amazing if I met him. There's so many things I want to do… Like be in a movie directed by Ridley Scott, meet Denzel Washington, and meet Celine Dion. I love her. I think her voice is so beautiful, so I would like to go to one of her shows one day. I also love to travel and would like to travel to Rome to learn all its history. The list goes on, but what really matters is just performing and doing something really great for my fans!


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