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Amy Claire

Amy Claire

Article by Lauren Weigle

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In the market for some fabulous duds? Look up Amy Claire. Her designs are awesome. She prides herself on merging fashion and art in order to create looks that inspire consumers. Having a pure love of fabrics, fashion design is truly her calling. With Omen PR of NYC behind her all the way, Amy Claire is a brand that has so much to offer the fashion community… and to my closet for that matter. I wish anyway. Have a closer look at the woman behind the dress. Stop thinking dirty thoughts and read further to hear all about Amy Claire.


Let’s start with that dress on your site’s homepage. I’m in love and want to hear all about it.

Thank you! It is a long-sleeve, backless macrame dress that was hand-made. The craftsmanship is beautifully done - we work with a women’s collective in Bolivia on our knit pieces.


Awesome. Now I can have even more vivid dreams about it! Anyway, I know that you’ve put an emphasis on the relation between fashion and art. Can you tell me why you feel this is so important?

I have always loved both. My Mom was in art school when I was growing up, which allowed for a lot of creativity as a child and led me to study art and photography. I especially admire painters and illustrators and wish I were more talented in that respect, but even more so enjoy collaborating with other artists on textile design.


How do you incorporate the two into each garment?

The textile design is where we typically start, which is a fun process. We find an artist to work with and commission artwork for the season’s prints based on the inspiration. While that is in motion, the draping and pattern-making begins, which is also another fun process of playing with fabrics and movement and applying how the two will work together.


So, I know you are originally from California, moved to Italy, and then came to NY. Has it been a big transition? What aspects of NYC would you trade for California?

I have traveled a lot my whole life, so is hasn’t been that difficult of a transition. I do miss California. I wish that I could grow a Meyers lemon tree in my yard, but the climate won’t allow for it to survive year-round. Don’t get me wrong, I am really starting to enjoy having different seasons, but there are certain things I grew up with that just don’t exist in New York. At least my grocery store carries the lemons year round.

So, what are you currently working on in terms of your label?

We are about to release the Fall 2012 collection. Our first sales appointments start tomorrow and we are showing at Capsule in a couple of weeks.


Tell me about the Amy Claire blog.

It is a group effort. Everyone in the studio puts time into pulling inspiring tears. There are images of everyday life, photographs, artwork, etc. that we like.


So, how else do you reach out to Amy Claire followers?

We host small cocktail events and trunk shows every few months, where we get to meet many of our customers. We also have a newsletter that goes out periodically.


Any plans for any presentations or runway shows on the horizon?

Not this season, but hopefully for the next!


Well, what ARE your big plans for 2012?

Expanding into more stores.


Good plan. So, what first inspired you to make the career choice of fashion?

I love fabrics - I love the touch and feel of textures, which is what I think took me from the visual world of photography to the fashion industry and actually creating clothing.


It’s such a tough industry. How do you keep your head above water?

I enjoy the fast pace, but every once and a while, getting away with my family for the weekend is the best refresher. If I don’t have time for that, then a really good latte and cookie helps.

Aw. Too cute. Okay, I know I’m able to purchase your products at your online shop. Are they available anywhere else?

The Spring Collection will be available at TNT, Fred Segal Couture, Bloom (Mexico), Atlantic International, among a few other specialty boutiques.


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