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Amy Weber

Amy Weber

Article by Kelli Kickham

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If you read magazines, watch TV, or listen to music, then chances are you've come across Amy Weber. She is your classic all-around talent: singing, performing, acting, producing, modeling... and that's all on top of being the mom of twin toddlers. She's done countless films, shows, and has even been the face of Shiseido Cosmetics. You probably know her for her time as a villain-esque diva on WWE, if not for her multiple magazine covers ranging from Maxim to Women's Health and Fitness.

Though she left WWE in 2005, her time in the spotlight is far from over. In recent years, she's been focusing a lot of her music career. She recently released "Let It Rain," an upbeat dance song that was quickly recognized on UK dance charts and also earned a spot as a Billboard Breakout Song. She's not stopping there either: between her new show Good Samaritans and two films about to come out, we can look forward to much more from this beautiful lady.


Your new album Let It Rain just came out and it seems to be doing pretty well. The single debuted on the Billboard Breakout Charts at #4. Are you stoked?

Yes, to put it lightly! I loved this song when I was recording it and it is amazing that people are receiving it so well.


Describe some of the work and energy it took to put this album together.

This album came together pretty quickly. I had really great beats to work with so it was just a matter of finding a great melody for each song and then getting the lyrics down. I co-wrote with my producer, Jeremy Greene, and we work off of each other really well. I'm super hard on myself though, and I wanted to make sure that listeners felt what I did when I was laying the tracks down.


Did you learn anything new or do anything different when working on this album, as oppose to your others?

I learned to stop putting limitations on myself. I learned to just go for it and see what happens. I was much more relaxed on this one I think and that comes through. At the end of the day, I just wanted an album that would make people want to get up and dance. hopefully I achieved that.


Do you have any future goals for your music? Something you haven't achieved/done yet that you would like to?

I just recorded my first ballad so that was a goal that I finally can check off. I hope to release it soon. I think the most important goal is just to get out there and do a tour. I want to meet the people that have always supported me and put on a great show.


What effect would you like your music to have on listeners?

To get lost. To put all their troubles away for that 2 or 3 minutes and just feel good!


Name your dream performance.

I would love to collaborate with Tiesto and perform in London.


You're a very busy girl. Your background includes a lot of modeling, acting, performing, and being on WWE. What's the most interesting entertainment-related situation you've encountered during your time in the spotlight?

Well, nothing tops working in the WWE. There was always something interesting going down. It takes so much to put a live show on and anything can, and does, happen. Going to Japan and walking down the street with Big Show was a trip!


Between the music, modeling, and acting, do you have one that you prefer?

I get asked this a lot and this is probably the hardest one to answer. I am an open book about my life and no question is off limits but this one always perplexes me. I just have different feelings towards each of them. Acting was my first love and will always be in my life. Modeling afforded me the opportunity to pursue acting and not worry about paying the bills, so I owe a great deal to that and music is just in my heart and has been for a very long time. It got me through some pretty tough times in life.


You produce and host Good Samaritans. Tell us a little about that.

Good Samaritans is a hidden camera show that puts ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances to see if they will help their fellow man or woman. I learned that there are some incredibly insensitive and rude people but I also found that their are more amazing and generous people out there than you could imagine. I love the bloopers on the show and I love that it is a great lesson in each episode about humanity.


Do you have any hobbies?

I truly love to cook- not sure if that counts as a hobby! I enjoy being active in anyway that I can be...tennis, swimming, surfing. Reading puts my mind at ease, too.


If you could fix one thing that you think is wrong in the world, what would it be?

Child abuse. No child should ever suffer abuse. Some people don't understand that it affects these kids for the rest of their lives.


What was the first thing that made you smile today?

My daughter (3 yrs old) telling me that I was her favorite thing in the whole wide world.


Your twins just had their 3rd birthday. How has becoming a mom changed your everyday life?

It has changed everything! It is super hard to be selfish when you have 2 kids relying on your for everything. I also get the chance to rediscover life through their eyes which is pretty amazing. It is so hard trying to find the balance with them but I am doing better nowadays. Moms have the hardest jobs and I give every mom props for getting through the day with a smile on their face. But, for every challenging moment, there are 20 moments that are so precious that it makes it all worth it.


Last, but not least, do you have any current endeavors we haven't asked about yet? What can we see from you in the near future?

I just finished two feature films. One I produced, Crossroad; and Playdate. Hopefully they will both be out soon.


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