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Aqua Di Lara

Aqua Di Lara

Article by Lauren Weigle

Photo by Yanick Dery
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Every woman wants a bathing suit that doesn’t make her cringe in the mirror. Swimwear that makes her feel sexy, youthful, and stylish. This is where Aqua Di Lara comes in…With flattering lines and cuts to appease a woman’s curves, Aqua Di Lara’s swimsuits and cover-ups are ideal for any woman. They’re quite popular on the celeb scene as well. Having been featured in so many high-fashion magazines. We wanted to sit down with the designer after her latest catwalk strut for Miami’s Swimwear week to find out more about the behind-the-scenes of the brand…


What was the inspiration behind the Aqua Di Lara line from Day One?

I always had difficulty finding suits that complemented my figure. I wanted something that was sexy, classy, and original all in one…that fit and felt beautiful on me. Through the support of friends and family, I decided to pursue my dream of starting a range of suits that did just that... and Aqua Di Lara was born.



I hear you try to only use European fabrics. What’s your reasoning for this and what kind of materials are you most drawn to?

I find that the Europeans are very advanced in their treated fabrics; they are more engineered and fashion forward. I usually go for the colorful prints and motifs. They are very inspirational to me during the design process of the Aqua Di Lara collection.

You make a lot of gorgeous cover-up dresses that, to me, look like you could just slap on a pair of heels and have an outfit to go out in. Is that what you intended?

The cover-ups were designed to not only compliment the swimwear, but to also be worn as individual pieces. Having versatility in the collection is something that is very important to me. I love giving the consumer the option of wearing the pieces how they would like.

Definitely. Many of them and your swimsuits have such interesting cuts and lines. Where do you get your ideas from?

I constantly get new ideas for swimsuit designs. However, I get most ideas when the fabric is selected. The texture of some fabrics as well as the prints and motifs can be extremely inspiring to me.



Are you very hands-on when it comes to the design process?

Yes, I am! I like to sketch out all of the pieces prior to getting them drawn in. When it comes to the design process, I am very involved in making the pieces come to life

What goes into choosing the color schemes and motifs for your designs?

Definitely through Inspiration. Colors and prints can be so inspiring. Once you see it on the skin, it can make your imagination run wild and in so many different directions.



Do you take into account all the different kinds of body types when you create your pieces or do you have a specific target customer in mind?

Our cuts and styles are always designed with the idea of creating the hour-glass silhouettes. We always attempt to minimize the waist, moderate the hips, and enhance the bust area. With lines, colors, and shapes, we want to create the perfect ideal female womanly figure.

When it comes to selling your collections, are there seasons that are particularly busier than others?

The peak time for us is definitely during the Spring time.



How do you market your brand?

Each and every year we come up with new and innovative marketing strategies to keep our customers interested and in the know. The main event we participate in, which is the most beneficial for Aqua Di Lara is Miami Fashion Week. We also collaborate very often with stylists, photographers, and videographers who wish to use our products for shoots and special events.



Have you thought of expanding to other types of garments and products like beach bags or would you like to stay strictly swimwear?

Definitely! Eventually we would love to get into beach bags, towels, and even lingerie. We introduced a large range of resort wear to complement our swimsuits this year and the response has been fantastic!

I’d love to hear about some of the celebrities who’ve been seen your suits…

Keri Hilson wore the Hestia swimsuit in the video The Way You Love Me. Tyra Banks wore the Zema swimsuit on America's Next Top Model. Canadian singer Ima has worn the Diamante swimsuit as well as censor dress in the videos Da Ya Think I'm Sexy and Valparaiso.



Tell me about your latest runway show at Mercedes Benz’s Swimwear Fashion Week in Miami.

The show itself went very well! We are extremely thrilled with the response we have received from Miami Fashion Week. We received great feedback and support! We are so thrilled that our collection was such a great success.

So, what was the most difficult part of putting this show together?

There are challenges along every step of the way, however, ensuring that everything corresponds to the brand image can be challenging at times!



Are your pieces inspired by the current trends or do you like to follow your own path as a designer?

We prefer to be fashion-forward. We find that the directions we take the year prior can be found in the year to come. It has been our forte and we definitely want to keep it that way! 


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