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Cami Anna Lynn

Cami Anna Lynn

Article by Kelli Kickham

Photo by Sarah Giffrow for Linger Studios
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Looking through fashion magazines, it’s easy to find amazing photographs of amazing women in amazing clothes…but some people find those women hard to relate to. Not because they are too skinny or airbrushed or any of those complaints, but because they are posed awkwardly with harsh lighting and generally unhappy expressions. Cami Anna Lynn’s designs, however, are shown on women as they would like to be pictured: Beautiful, in fashionable clothing, but happy and in everyday environments. Her style is described as sexy and sweet, and what fun-loving woman doesn’t want that combo?


When did you first decide you wanted to be a designer?

Probably senior year in high school.

Are there any people who had a large influence in the direction your life and designs have taken?

No, I wouldn’t really say anyone has…It just comes from my brain and heart.

It seems like a lot of fashion designers try to make sure their designs look edgy, with harsh light, intense makeup, and angry models, but your designs are much more natural and upbeat. Do you think this is a reflection of you?

I do feel that it is a reflection of me and my line. My friends tell me angry models and lots of make-up don’t make them want to buy the clothes. They say it’s a pretty picture artistically but it makes them feel as if they have nothing in common with the woman in the photo, I keep this in mind in everything I do. Who do I design for?


Are there any designers (or other creatives) that inspire you?
Yes, so many… I am inspired by Chris Benz, Jason Wu, Erin Fetherson, Bibhu Mohapatia just to name a few, they all pretty much have the same style. I guess my eye just moves in that direction. I also have a couple of designers I keep my eye on just because you never know what they will do next, that’s also inspiring.


What is your favorite part about designing?

The finished product is my favorite part by far, I love to see what I drew on paper walking around it’s a great feeling. Its sort of shocking your like oh that looks familiar… oh wait that’s me, its really funny ha!

Is there any popular style of clothing, shoes, etc., that you absolutely love?

I love open back anything! Jeans, an open back silk shirt, sexy heels a ponytail and aviator shades, out for dinner, that’s living! (Sigh)

What has been the most exciting part of getting involved in the industry?

I don’t think I have lived the most exciting parts yet; they are coming and I am keeping my mouth shut, but I really have loved learning and taking my fabrics and products to a different level. Also, the relationships in the industry are growing and that’s been so fun! Sometimes when you are with your friends and they are talking kids and movies all you really want to do is look at runway shows its nice to meet people who are just as sucked in as you, ha!

What are your future goals with your designs?

Really just to keep doing what I am doing, learning and growing becoming a better designer; I would also like to be better known.

Where can customers find your clothing?

Currently I am in 3 stores: Olive in Redmond, Peridot and Queen Anne Dispatch in Queen Anne. [In Seattle]


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