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Christina Makowsky

Christina Makowsky

Article by Lauren Weigle

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Christina Makowsky is on the scene with countless star-studded clients who adore her designs. Specializing in luxury womenswear, her dresses can be seen all over the red carpet, across your television screens, and in the most popular of magazines. Her dresses are ornate and beyond glamourous, while her blazers are of pure quality and classic style. Right now, I'm dying over her Black Off Shoulder Blazer, the Open Shoulder Jersey Tee, and the Lace Shawl Sleeve Dress. Too bad the holidays are over and I can't put them on my Christmas list. Let's take a look at some of the celebrities who are wearing her designs...



Tell me about the recent launch of your Red Carpet Exclusive Collection.

Whatever A-list celebrity wears each piece for Awards Season...the piece will then be produced for my Spring/Summer 2012 collection, named after that celebrity, and a percentage of all sales from that style will go to that celeb's charity of choice. The beautiful Nicole Scherzinger wore our python gown on the X-Factor and chose to donate to "The Dream Campaign 143 Organization”, a cause I find so near to my heart.

That's awesome. Such a great idea. I hear you've got so many other celebrity supporters as well like Lisa Vanderpump from the Beverly Hills Housewives.

Lisa, her family, and I are very dear friends. We have a special relationship. She’s a wonderful friend and business woman, who always wants to help her friends. She was one of my first “celebrity” clients to wear a Christina Makowsky design and support my brand. She even had Kyle Richards visit the showroom in New York on an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Oh yeah? I'll have to check out the showroom too next time I'm in the city on a shopping trip! So, tell me about some of the other celebrities that can be seen in your clothing.

Paula Abdul, wears my designs frequently on magazine shoots and episodes of X-Factor. Cheryl Burke from Dancing With The Stars wore my line three times in one month! That was very exciting since I’m a huge fan of the show. As the awards season approaches, you will be sure to find me on the carpet!

Oh, I can't wait! So exciting! When did you get into all of this in the first place?

I studied at FIT and even graduated with Michael Kors. I had a successful boutique in New York, Georgina Boutiques, for about 28 years. After I did that, I realized the hole in the industry – a real knack for luxury womens wear. It has always been a dream of mine to design great clothing, with the utmost quality – and now the dream is becoming a reality!

That truly is an amazing journey. So this was an easy career choice for you then.

Absolutely! It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember!

You've come so far already. What do you see happening with your brand this year?

I want my brand to expand and be worn by all the top A-list celebrities, from Anne Hathaway to Cameron Diaz. I want the world to be introduced to Christina Makowsky on all realms – through fashion and philanthropy.

Your dresses are without a doubt drop-dead gorgeous. I'm sure they'd jump at the chance... I know I would! So, as somewhat of a fashion veteran, tell me what's most important in staying prominent.

Quality. It’s not about what’s trendy or stylish at the moment, a piece must be timeless and legendary.

How do you stay true to your design aesthetic throughout each season?

I always stay true to my design aesthetic by creating the highest quality pieces, made from the finest fabrics, with enduring workmanship and with impeccable attention to every detail.

Do your designs reflect ones every day personal style as well?

I love making separates and layering pieces, items that can be interchangeable and mixed and matched. It allows people to take my designs and personalize them.

What are your top-selling items this season?

My tweeds and blazers have always done well for me considering they are timeless pieces perfect for the city girl that goes from Uptown Chic to Downtown Edge.

Okay, I know that you pride yourself on producing your clothing in limited quantities. Why would you rather go that route as opposed to mass production?

I am committed to providing the highest quality clothing made from the finest fabrics. Each piece is inspired by iconic classics that stand the test of time. In order to maintain integrity and exclusivity, my garments are created and sold in limited quantities and will never be mass produced. Once something is mass marketed and produced the luxury quality diminishes. I never want that for my brand.

Definitely understandable. So, tell me what makes your dresses stand out on the red carpet.

All my pieces are made with the luxury fabrics and hardware, from French lace to vintage crystals. I drive my pattern-maker crazy draping and re-draping to bring my vision to life. I design with the red-carpet in mind, analyzing how a garment will flow and fall on a celebrity.

Have you ever thought of designing jewelry to go with your gorgeous garments?

As a matter of fact I do! My dear friend Ron Rizzo, has helped me design some wonderful pieces for my line.


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