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Clouds Make Sounds

Clouds Make Sounds

Article by Victoria Laurey

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Follow the sun it takes me home

 And I follow the sun on my way home

But with no home I roam and roam

And I follow the sun on my way home

I roam follow the sun alone

And I follow the sun on my way home

Waiting for you to take me home

And I follow the sun on my way home

This morning bright and cold

These sheets are warm and worn

Your warmth, it made me whole

Clouds Make Sound


-Clouds Make Sounds



Williamsport, PA natives, who derived from the same teachings at The Uptown Music Collective, had given flight to their band’s name when they hit the studio in July 2010 that would soon mark the birth of their poetic and ravishing lyrics. Josh Hines, Deron Johnson, Jeff Mach and Joe Marchese, who were the original four members, had invented their own definition of what Indie/Folk/Rock music genre should convey - that not only demands attention but true depth in how passionate words being sung can make the listener lose themselves. Come August 2010, 17-year-old Shannon Cantor joined Clouds’ ranks to lend her voice in the band’s creative process. Despite the fall months and their first tour, they were able to finish, in my opinion, one of the best albums I have heard to date. This album exudes the beauty that is life and love. It raptures you in every sense that you are transfixed, transformed and perpetual – flowing along with each harmony leading you to your true escape. A true escape for all is sincere within your tranquilizing serenity. Don’t believe me? Well, take a trip through the clouds for yourself.


For starters, I must say that I am impressed by the fact that you guys have trained at the Uptown Music Collective, which is a non-profit school of music. Could you shed light on how the school has helped your band grow as young artist? Did it have a huge impact on the particular sound of music you wanted to pursue?

We can't thank the collective enough for everything that it has done for us. All of us take lessons with the Collective director, Dave Brumbaugh. He is definitely the best teacher any of us could have wished for. The Collective also allowed us to play many gigs together. We have met a lot of great musicians through collective. They all listen to a lot of different music and play their own styles as well. I think that the exposure to all of these different groups has really helped us find our sound.

Shannon, by being the youngest member of the band at the tender age of sixteen, does it ever get overwhelming at times not just being the dominating femme fatal of the group, but does it limit you to participating in certain activities with the guys?

I wouldn't say that it is so much overwhelming, but my age definitely does limit the things in which I can participate. I can't play a lot of the gigs that are in bars or far away. Being in high school can also just be a pain. It gets frustrating, but I have learned to work around it.

When it came to recording your first album, you were in the studio for a month doing 8-12 hours days. Did you find yourselves feeling added pressure to share an album that was forthcoming, or even outstanding that your general audience has never heard of? What was the most challenging part about the entire experience?

All of us were very excited to release an album that no one had heard. There was no pressure to have it be the best album and have everyone love it. We were just doing what we enjoy doing together. Yes, it was stressful at times, but the result was well worth it.

Your band's sound is said to be a "Jeff Buckley meets Fiona Apple in a forest of driving poly-rhythms, folk sensibilities, dense harmonies, and an ever-present all-encompassing atmosphere" type feel. Comparing your music to these two brilliant artists has me sold. What about Buckley and Apple, including other musicians, inspire you to describe your music in such broad aspects?

We always struggle when someone asks us what Clouds sounds like. Pairing abstractions with specific examples like Buckley and Apple seems do the trick. I am a huge Buckley fan and Shannon's voice has been compared to Fiona Apple's.

Can each of you remember the first song, or concert you have written or seen? If so, what about that song or concert influenced your love of music?

I wrote my first song in sixth grade. It seemed great back then (laughs). Though I don't enjoy my old songs, I realize that they have done a huge part in helping me get to where I am today. I have always loved the learning process that writing music necessitates.

Which song on the album speaks to you individually? Which song speaks to your fans the loudest?

“The Last Song”

When you’re not jotting down lyrics to your next song, is there a favorite past-time in which you indulge yourselves?

We all enjoy different things but for the most part we enjoy reading, hiking, camping, and playing video games.

If you had the chance to tour in any state, town, or perhaps country, where would you go and why? What was the worst venue you performed in?

The Midwest. I really enjoy traveling and I've yet to see the Midwest. The worst venue we ever played was called Johnny and Brenda’s. No one came to see the show, the entire event was unorganized, and the best part was when Brenda (the owner) decided she was going to play her own songs about how great all of the bands were.

There are numerous musicians who imitate one another's style and sound. Has your band ever been compared to anyone in music today?

We have been compared to many different artists. Grizzly Bear, Anathallo, Circa Survive.

Oscar Wilde once said that "Life imitates art and art imitates life." In your opinion, when do musicians’ words become fabrications that instill false notions of the artist into listeners’ minds? Do you think that some parts of the industry have their musicians forgo realism in the messages they portray? What messages do you want "your" music to say about you?

You may have answered your own question. When they lie. When they falsely represent their artistic vision. That is, when they choose massive appeal over true artistic choice. This is more a problem with produced musicians, and in reality it’s what you pay a producer to do, to make your music more marketable. We try to create the best art that we can and let it say whatever it will.

To have people know some fun facts about you guys outside of your band, here is a rapid fire quiz:

Favorite band: Grizzly Bear, Akron/Family

Food: Old School Pizza

Must have item on tour: Instruments, Crowbar, Ski-masks

Guiltiest pleasures: Ice Cream, Robbery

Movie/Show: Lost

Superhero: Batman

Celebrity crush: Edward Norton. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Bill Murray. Scarlett Johanssen. Ryan Gossling.

Cannot live without: There is nothing we truly need.

Spirit Animal:

Jeff: Bear

Josh: Deer

Deron: Human

Joe: Also Human


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