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Johnna Lynn of Copperpeace

Johnna Lynn of Copperpeace

Article by Teresa Walters

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Copperpeace is the brainchild of designer and musician Johnna Lynn, who, with a team of skilled artists, handcrafts all their wares under the sunny skies of Los Angeles. Originally hailing from North Carolina, Johnna is a lover of many things some including; Trader Joes Cocoa Almond Butter Spread, the new TV show Nashville and from what we can tell, Instagram.


The nuts and bolts of the Copperpeace production line are actually notes and beats. Music plays such a pivotal role in creating and designing these unique and fabulous fashion finds that Copperpeace is a mix of melody meets flawless style. Whether it is a gritty or girly guitar strap or a concert clutch, Copperpeace is coming up with innovative fashion and accessories every season.




What 3 things would someone always find at the bottom of your purse?

Without fail: Earplugs, flavored lip gloss and a guitar pick.


Do you put on a playlist when creating and designing Copperpeace products? How does music inspire your line?

We’ve been listening to a lot of Pandora lately in the workshop. My stitcher likes the Rat Pack and opera the best...he’s old school...and I flop between Little Dragon and The Beatles stations among some other faves. Music is like fuel for us. Sometimes we’ll work without music on and the work is slow and time passes even slower. Once we get the beats pumping, it’s like a shot of espresso. We’re artists creating in the midst of other artists.


Do you remember a song or a band that inspired one of your special guitar straps?

One of the first straps I made was for Katy Perry. It was back when her first single had just catapulted the charts before her 2009 Warped tour and she was rocking a lot of sequins. Of course for me Michael Jackson is the one responsible for bridging sequins and pop music, so that was how our “Glovely” sequined guitar strap was ultimately named. But Katy wore that strap for quite a while. I think she still does. I keep waiting for sequins to go out of style in music but there’ll always be a place for that little extra flash.


Glancing through your luscious leather straps with eclectic embroidering and the colored clutches they all stir up visions of movies like "Almost Famous" meets "Annie Hall" - Have some of your own favorite movies inspired your take on fashion? What are your top 3 favorite fashionable flicks?

 Movies have definitely influenced my style and design aesthetic. I majored in filmmaking in college and come from a costume design background, so it’s all about the storytelling. As far as my favorite fashionable flicks they’re diverse: La Dolce Vita would be up near the top. I love black and white femme fatale fashion any day and any way. After that it’s a tough call but I will say the late 70’s music grunge of Detroit Rock City and the kitsch early 90‘s fashion in True Romance are favorites.


Copper Peace has appeared on a slew of TV shows. If there was one show on TV right now that you could be head of its costume department what would it be and why?

Oh that’s easy: Nashville. It’s my favorite show right now and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. I met one of the stars, “Deacon”, recently at the NAMM tradeshow and gave him a strap. Then the props master popped out from behind him and said he’d love more Copperpeace for the show. So coincidentally I might get to a contribute a small part of their costume. It’s a guitar-heavy show so the straps would look great!


Where do you see Copper Peace going next? What can we look forward to?

Mens bags. All my friends boyfriends and husbands are asking for the male version of the Copperpeace “Only One” bag. So I’m going to give it to them!


Trader Joe’s wants you to design some grocery totes what comes to mind?

Burlap and leather. They could rock that look really well!


Lastly, you have a whole section for DIY on your site. What is one tool you can't live without? Your desert island tool that without it the unique products of Copperpeace wouldn't be possible.

Rivets. If you don’t already know how to use a rivet it’s a must-learn, must-use little guy. If I was on a desert island I could hammer...using a rock...rivets with bamboo and make a bad-ass strap or bag. If only there were a show called “Fashion-Survivor”.


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