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Article by Victoria Laurey

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"You better Rise Up!" for the little pixie, Eddy, for she is a true force to be reckon with. This little lady has a whole lot to say when it comes to the power of loving everything and everyone she sprinkles her dust on; so that we, the listeners, can challenge ourselves to embrace who we truly are and letting us know that it is okay. After all, the biggest challenge, I believe, that Eddy embodies in her lyrics is what I always express to others is that, "Our imperfections are what makes us perfect because we are only human." I am sure once everyone hears Eddy blow, they will be under her spell. With her unconventional style and daunting voice, there is no surprise that Eddy is going to be the next big thing.



You are described as a paradoxical pixie. Could you describe what that means to you?


All my life I was the smallest kid in my class, in my circle of friends, and in my family, so pixie and/or fairy was used to best describe me. Being 4'11 you receive many, "small jokes" and comments reminding you that you're tiny. But paradoxical means to be contradictory, and pixie means a tiny fairylike creature; so I've embraced the phrase because though I may be tiny, my heart and my voice are not!


In June, you were able to perform at the She's The First and Girls Who Rock benefit concert where you were among famous artist such as: JoJo and Nina Sky. What was that experience like for you?


It was incredible. Just the experience of playing at the Gramercy Theater was an honor. And working with a first-class group of people was something special. In case no one knows, She's the First is a not-for-profit organization that sponsors girls’ education in the developing world, helping them become the first in their families to graduate. And for me, coming from a family of all girls, empowering women to be the first in their families to be successful was something I fully wanted to support! The opportunity was really a perfect harmony between my message and music, and the efforts by the organization to help shape the next generation of girls.


When it comes to your style, it's very electric and funky. Where do you get your inspiration?


Well, thank you! I'm continually inspired by design and patterns. I love fashion blogs and Nylon magazine and I've always had an appreciation for texture and layering. Growing up, my style always pushed the envelope and was never really traditional. I think being fashionable is very different from having style. True style, at its heart, is just an effort to be authentic. I think my style is a good reflection of myself. Taste is something you have to learn, but style is just learning to be yourself.


Now, when it comes to your style in music, your lyrics are very majestic and poetic. Has your music always started out as inspirational pieces, or did it take time to evolve?


When I finally decided I was going to pursue music with my own material, I knew from the beginning I wanted to use it as a way to empower people to embrace themselves and love who they are. All the people I've chosen to work with so far have shared that vision; and I think that unity of focus has driven my style of music.


On your blog there's a question that asks, "What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" and your response was, "Way too many things." Would you like to name a few of those things?


There's not one thing specifically that jumps out at me; but I am literally always dreaming throughout the day and ideas continually pop up in my head. Because I just started a clothing business focused on empowering people, I would love to continue to start and invest in other companies that are grounded and focused on making a difference in the world.


How old were you when you realized you had the music bug?


My first performance in front of actual people was on a karaoke machine to "Kiss From a Rose" by Seal! And while I started singing live cover shows when I was 15, I didn't take the plunge into original material until I was 20. Frankly, it took many years for me to get the nerve to really pursue music... and a big part of the message I want to spread is encouraging people to find ways to chase their dreams, especially in spite of fear and negativity.


Whether it be past or present, who in music would be your dream collaboration?


Great question! That is tough because my musical taste is SO BROAD. I would have to say from the past I would love to do a collaboration with Aerosmith. I think our vocals would compliment each other and we could make a killer song together...I wish I wrote "Dream ON" or "Walk This Way"...and as for a presently active band, I would love to do a collaboration with one of my favorite bands, The Faint or Muse.


Each of your music videos convey a different vibe due to each song. Who comes up with the concepts for them?


I can't take full ownership of each video because it's always been a really fun collaborative effort between the videographers I worked with (Remedy Films) as well as my husband, and I. My husband is my soundboard.


During your down time, what is your favorite pastime?


I have a new passion project that I just launched called, So Worth Loving. It's a brand that encourages you to love who you are. As a recording artist, I have always had the desire to inspire and empower people by reminding them to love themselves and pursue their strengths. The community that has adopted So Worth Loving has become one that love fashion, celebrates authenticity, and at the same time wants their style to make a difference. And If I am not working on music or clothing, I am probably playing Tomb Raider on my Playstation 3.


If there is one message you want your fans to gain from your music, what would it be?


Love who you are and pursue what you feel called to do instead of what others think you should do.


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