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Evil Pawn

Evil Pawn

Article by Lauren Weigle

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Evil Pawn Jewelry is awesome.  Whether you want to rock out or keep it casual, their edgy pieces always make for a good time.  Each piece is inspired by emotion, which has prompted the designer to create certain items that are one-of-a-kind.  So, if you fall in love with an Evil Pawn ring, bracelet, or necklace, be sure to pick it up quickly as it may be the only one of its kind.  This also makes each customer feel special… that they have something that is all their own, something no one else has.  Let’s take a look at what’s really behind Evil Pawn and hear more about some of their kick-ass jewelry.


I love your signature Cameo Skull.  How did you come up with it as a representative of your line?

It was originally a feeling of frustration. Women are expected to be pretty on the outside and dead on the inside. The blonder and tanner I was, the nicer people were and the more people listened. Well as long as you didn’t say anything they found hard to hear. Teen angst wrapped into an oval. I wanted to be myself and no ‘acceptable’. I wanted to join hands with other women and not ‘compete’. I wanted to be beautiful because I am smart and talented not because I mimicked a Maxim model. It represents, to me, what pop culture feeds to young women, and really just all people even men. It is a reminder that I do not have to bow to this viral image. I own it.


So, I'm loving the Sugar Skull Flower Ring.  When will it be back in stock?

Those come into stock every October in a limited number. It is a celebration of the Day of the Dead. I find so much inspiration from those who have past and I believe that ends are only beginnings so I like the holiday very much and wanted to celebrate it in my own way. 


I love the "I Don't Gossip" cuff, but if I wore it, I'd feel like a liar.  Can we gossiping ladies pull it off?

It is to remind you to bring something to say and nothing to tell. We can be so much more than idle words or conversation fillers. We can do amazing things if we clear our minds of all the blockage. I love when women buy these for their daughters. I think it can empower a friend group and remind people to become what they were meant to be and not walk in place. Idle talking gets you nowhere. We are all guilty of it; now let’s take responsibility for it.  Self empowerment will ensure your success and all those around you that you inspire. 


Some of your items are one-of-a-kind.  What goes into making these pieces so that they are so unique?

All the pieces are inspired by emotions. Making light of darkness by purging it in a creative form and not a destructive one.  A one-of-a-kind piece can speak to someone that is looking for away to armor themselves uniquely. A charm that is sought and not soaked. When something is made by the hundreds of thousands, it almost feels fake. I want people to feel the power behind each piece and use this power to make their weaknesses into strengths and the pain into lessons learned to make them stronger. Your decoration is an extension of your true self. There are not hundreds of thousands of one person. Every human is so unique and special.


So much of your jewelry runs with a dark, gothic-like theme to them.  How did you decide that this was the kind of aesthetic you wanted to adopt for your designs?

It was never a decision. It just is. What people learn is that it isn’t dark at all. They learn the meaning behind the name and find out it isn’t ‘Evil’ and it really isn’t gothic. I turn all my bad experiences into power. I turn all my emotions into tangible pieces that represent life lessons. Some people emotion eat, others drink, and some create. I turn life experiences into wearable amulets. To protect, to adopt different habits, to attract good things, whatever it maybe, all the jewelry comes from an experience that was supposed to be a bad one and I turned it into a good one.  That is what I feel we should all do. Nothing bad happens to us to be bad, it happens to help us become who we are supposed to be in life. It teaches us and guides us down the next path.


There are also pieces that are more glam as opposed to edgy, like the Beverly Necklace.  I absolutely love it.  Please tell me it's not a one-of-a-kind.

No it isn’t one-of-a-kind. This piece was named after my Grandma and represents her. I have another piece called the Pond Ring that is for my other Grandma. Women from that age were always glamorous whether they tried or not. All the pieces come from something inside me and represent a person or situation. There is a story behind every single piece.


Tell me about the Tooth Fairy necklace.

Have you ever had a dream about losing teeth? There was a time in my life where I constantly dreamed of this. It was crazy because each night I dreamed I was pulling bad teeth and extracting long rooted worms from my gums. Then once I got all the bad out and new healthy tooth came to me under my pillow and I would place it in the spot where there was a hole. In everyone’s life, we have moments where there are many people that can’t live positively or want you to fail. Sometimes they are cannot be saved or are not meant to be saved by you. It is better for your health mentally and physically to de-weed or in this case pull the tooth. That necklace reminds me that I cannot break myself trying to make others believe in themselves and I cannot help that they take any success I have in my life to a dark place. I will miss the tooth and hope it finds its way with love good energy.


So, what are the Egyptian hair cuffs that you have?  How do they work?

I love hair pieces and large head pieces! Anything hair related! I have noticed a lot of peeps with dreads enjoy them the most; you can wear them any way you wish. On braids, twists, you name it. It’s all about your style!


The Lydia Hat is insane.  Where do I begin with it?

From the beginning? Really, I have a strong Native American background that is heavily felt in my line. Adorning Skulls and animals after death is huge to me. I once saw a deer on the road that spoke to me...I know crazy but really...it makes me sad when such beautiful creatures are left on the side of the road. Or even skulls found in the woods. I want to make them as beautiful in the afterlife as they were in their life. Humans have taken over, we are the over population, we are the ones that have abused our lands and natural resources. I celebrate animals after their death with gems, metals, and even fabrics because they are forces of nature and apart of us if you believe it or not. I am not desensitized to their existence,  they are real to me.


Okay.  Now let's talk about the "Girl Revolution".  Give me details. 

I have vision board parties and promote girl unity. I encourage so many to do the same. I think it empowers the bonds of your friend group to listen to each other’s dreams, goals, and wishes. If all of you together put it out into the universe, it is sure to become a reality.  As you rise, help your friends rise, do not wish ill will on anyone, not even someone that has wronged you greatly. Hope that everyone has success and hope that everyone has the best of everything.  The revolution of girl is putting the plague of catty, back stabbing, and jealousy in the ground and only using first emotions of love, happiness, and pain. Fear, anger, and jealousy cannot live in our minds anymore if we are ever to become the people we are meant to be. 


So, you also have vintage pieces.  I love anything vintage... well, almost anything.  What draws you to vintage accessories?

I am an old soul. I dream of jewelry and I dream of old designs and patterns. They just come to me and old jewelry has pieces of the past owner with it.  Old pieces are charged with love from the soul of someone else.  This is why we leave things behind and do not take them with us. These pieces find new souls that need them.  It’s almost like a touch from beyond. Maybe a woman that owned something she held when she was scared or worried will find a new soul to comfort in a similar way. I have a bracelet that belonged to a childhood friend that passed. When I rub the top I feel her warmth. This is more important than money. This is real. With my line I am trying to bring on a new age of items that were so loved and will be passed down as a keepsake or an amulet. These are the only precious things left in a world filled with greed, hate, and over consumption. Real things not impulse goods we use to cure an empty or a thoughtless filler delivered in a plastic bag right off the conveyor belt.  People are more than consumers and we need to be thought of as humans and not brainwash able machines that work for money to buy more crap. We need to get in touch with our feel and throw corporate back the fake they try to sell us. 


I hear that when it comes to you as a designer, it's "all about the metal".  Tell me more about that.

I have a love for metal. Most any kind of metal… metal as in the material and metal as in the music. When I came up with the slogan ‘Adorn Yourself In Metal’ it truly was about both! I love lyrics that make me think and I am heavily inspired by music. I don’t think humans could exist without music. Whatever kind of music you are into, it doesn’t matter because there are no rights and wrongs really, it’s all about the push that makes you.


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