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Hope Dworaczyk

Hope Dworaczyk

Article by Emilie Yount

Photo by Josh Ryan
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Hope Dworaczyk ('which is pronounced like 'Jurassic' but with a 'D', she says) has managed to conquer several modeling realms (resulting in terrific media exposure) that other models could only dream of. Most Playboy girls do just that- Playboy and other similar nude modeling. Hope just happened to appear in the magazine's first 3-D centerfold and an April 2009 cover with actor Seth Rogen. Most models who walk runways never get close to Playboy and also have a very different body type than most Playboy models. Hope manages to toe the line, and how. Not only does she have a gorgeous body and flawless face, she can model with clothes on (or not) and still ooze sex appeal. Nothing about her is tacky or over-the-top (not every Playboy girl is a great beauty like her, after all). Along with the body, the girl has brains, as fans of Celebrity Apprentice will soon find out. By Episode Two, she had already come up with a terrific idea for the charity book being compiled by the women's team (and not demanding any sort of pat on the back for it- very classy). She came with her 'A' game and obviously has the abilities to pull off whatever she puts her mind to. Certainly most Playboy girls have not toured the world modeling for the likes of Versace and Balenciaga, and not every model has a name that resonates like one that has appeared on a coveted issue of Playboy. Born in small town in Texas, this girl obviously had big state dreams from the start, for there is nothing small about Hope's personality. Now a brand ambassador for Tees by Tina and a supporter of the Best Buddies organization (that helps create employment for people with disabilities), the 2010 Playmate of the Year is much more than a pretty face (and hard body).



You have been a runway model and a Playmate. Do you always bring sex to the runway or is that something you keep in the Playmate world?
It depends on who I am walking for. If it is a more androgynous fashion show or designer, I keep it simple and don't bring any sex to the runway- it's about the clothes and the designer’s vision. If you put me on the runway and I'm walking for La Perla or Agent Provocateur I'm going to bring it all, from the walk to the bounce and shake of the hips and the attitude. 


You have mentioned in the past your desire to hold onto your last name. What does that mean to you in terms of your career?

I don't want to be someone else. I wanted to keep the last name I share with my brothers, sister and family. I can't imagine having my manager or agent rename me. They’ve all tried and nothing worked. I don't mind when people refer to me as 'Hope' or 'Hope D" but my full last name is Dworaczyk, which is pronounced like 'Jurassic' but with a 'D'. 

Donald Trump is known for being a tough cookie. What personality traits and resources did you tap into for this season's Celebrity Apprentice? How has your past work or experience factored into how you approached the show?


I just went in knowing that if I worked hard and stayed on top of the tasks I was given, I couldn't be fired. You don't get fired for working hard. I had to call in big favors from some of my friends in entertainment; people will be shocked as to just how much money we raised for charity.  
Are there any particular moments that stand out during Celebrity Apprentice? Did you have any run-ins with other cast members? Who are the most competitive of the bunch?
There were times on the show where we all worked together and raised an unbelievable amount of money; however, there were other times that no one could get along. I don't have a conflict or hold onto things in my own life, and some of these women held grudges and got their feelings hurt way too easily. The most competitive players were probably John Rich and Star Jones.
Being a Playmate, how does that differ in terms of media exposure when compared with more adult outlets? Are you open to doing other nude modeling work or is Playboy your limit when it comes to nudity? 

Playboy was my limit as far as nudity. It's an iconic magazine and I've done two covers, two years in a row. To me, once you've done something like that you move onto something new, something you haven't done. It's all about expanding your brand. I host a show on E! in Canada called 'Inside Fashion'. Naturally, you move forward to jobs and roles that make sense for you. Getting naked again when I've "been there and done that" currently isn’t right for me.


Would you ever consider your own reality show? Do you feel like you'd have to act over-the-top or do you think you live a pretty interesting life? 

My life is interesting and pretty entertaining and that is the exact reason I wouldn't do a reality show about myself. I don't want cameras in my house and I like my privacy. What I do in my downtime, as interesting as it may be, shouldn't be played out on television. I'd have to hide too many of my vices. 

Tell me three of the most crazy things you recently did.
1. I stayed overnight in the Ice Hotel in Montreal, even my bed was made of ice.

2. I'm learning to fly and getting my pilot's license, so to me learning to do anything at 10,000 feet gives me anxiety.

3. I wish I was making this one up...I stole a limo in Vegas because the driver disappeared and we drove around the large circle (cul-de-sac) of the hotel’s valet area. Let's just say the limo driver was not very happy...but my friends loved it.


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