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Jacqueline Macinnes Wood

Jacqueline Macinnes Wood

Article by Lauren Weigle

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JacquiMac is in the house! She’s a DJ, an actress, a surfer, a biker, and a lover. She’s a hottie with a body who dazzles us as Steffy Forrester on The Bold and The Beautiful. She also gives us chills and makes us cringe with her most recent role in Final Destination 5. So what’s going on with Jacqueline these days? She’s just enjoying life… traveling, acting, spinning tracks, and living the dream. But, she’s also working really hard! It’s not easy being a Soap Opera star, taking on outside roles, traveling the world to DJ events, maintaining a sexy physique, and saving room for personal time. I’m exhausted just writing about it all. With that, I’m going to shut up and let Jacqueline take it from here…

Tell me about DJ JacquiMac.

I am just a girl from Canada who got into house music many years ago before it was welcomed in North America. I enjoy being a girl DJ because it always surprises people when I get up to spin, but thankfully, there are more of us developing every day. I also write my own lyrics and sing, which is a little different for a DJ.

So, you’re a big house junkie… Is that the kind of music you spin?

I spin Electronic, Dubstep, House and some Top 40.

Awesome. Sounds like a party I want to go to! Do you travel a lot for DJ gigs?

In between shooting TV and movies, I try to find time to DJ in other places than L.A. I've DJ'd in South Africa, Canada, France, and Italy

Wow! How about for acting gigs?

I am lucky for now as a young actor to have a regular paycheck on The Bold and The Beautiful soap. It also allows me to step away occasionally to film for other projects like I did for Final Destination 5. One day I would like to hone my skills in comedy and see where that takes me.

Okay, tell me about life on a Soap Opera. What’s your average day like?

Non-stop and lots of laughs. You have to have a great sense of humor working on a Soap. It requires a lot of studying because you get your scripts only a couple of days before shooting and that’s if they don’t make any last minute changes.

Really?! That’s nuts. I think the fact that you guys have so much hard work to do is one of the great misconceptions about working on a Soap.

Soap actors are underrated as actors, but what most people don't understand is that we can shoot up to 90 pages a day and you really have to screw up your lines to get even one take. I always wonder how Marlon Brando would have handled it. (She jokes.)

I think I’d be writing my lines on my hand. (I kid.) So how do you feel about the cancellations this past year with a couple of classic Soap Operas?

It's sad, especially for the loyal fans that have made it part of their lives for over twenty years and the actors being displaced for more talk and reality shows. But, no matter what, all things come to an end sooner or later, so we have to be prepared.

Speaking of things coming to an end, tell me about Final Destination 5. Is it insane since it’s in 3-D?

Steven Quale, our director, did an outstanding job...You actually want to duck as body parts, blood, explosions, and wreckage come straight at you.

Oh my gosh! I’m ducking already! Ya know, some people say that it’s actually even scary behind-the-scenes when making a horror film. Did you have any scary moments?

Yes, I sure did! From basically bungee jumping, to being thrown into the ice cold water in the middle of winter from 40 feet up in the air or when filming the lasik scene and having my eye kept wide open in a speculum while my head was in a vise for several hours. It was terrifying, but I enjoyed the challenge.

Okay, I’m definitely going to have nightmares. (I laugh.) All right. Let’s move on to extracurricular activities. How about your Ducati Monster?

I love to surf and hang out by the beach any chance I can. As for the Ducati Monster, I sold it, but will get another soon.

Where do you get your passion for motorcycles?

I come from a family of bikers: my dad, aunt, uncles, and my late step-brother, Bob Probert. It was something I was introduced to when I was really young, having my own miniature dirt bike.

So you are a motorcycle fiend and a beach bum at heart…What else do you love?

Surfing and snowboarding and I love to dance! I don't care if I am the only one on the dance floor...I hear a good song and I just immediately start moving.

Okay, the dreaded question…What’s goin’ on in the love department?

(She winks and laughs.) I don't kiss and tell. But I love, love.

Fair enough. Any advice for those other love-sick girls out there, who dream about having the “perfect relationship”?

Go ahead and dream big, but don't dream your life away. Get your own world situated first and don't look to the other person to be the giver of perfection. Create it yourself and then look for someone who likes what you created. 


godfreewoman says...

April 10, 2012

Love her on B&B, TEAM STEFFY ALL THE WAY!, but I have to correct her on one point. House Music STARTED in THE USA, specifically in Chicago with guys like Frankie Knuckles. Canada so didn't develop House Music that is it insane to think otherwise. Just completely friggin nuts to even think for a second that Canada could even invent anything like House Music. WTF?

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