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Jay Hayden

Jay Hayden

Article by Lauren Weigle

Photo by Marc Cartwright
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He has an 80 lb. English Bulldog named Lex who can clear a room with his farts. Since childhood, he’s dreamt about saving the world from The Incredible Hulk. He’s half Korean and half… “All American”? Every year, he and his friends rent an RV. Then, they go down to Florida to play wiffleball outside the ballparks where Spring Training games are going on. So who exactly are we talking about here? Read on to find out more…


You have made appearances in so many movies and television series’. How do you think having such a wide variety of gigs has helped mold you into the actor you’ve become? 

The more characters you get to play the more perspective and point of view you gain through the experience. Also, every show, film, sketch, etc. you do has its own tone… its own unique way of telling a story. You stretch as an actor. I don't know what kind of actor I've "become", but I'm hoping to continue to grow with every new project.


So, what is it exactly about acting that draws you in?

Ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated by storytelling. Acting has been my opportunity to do that. I remember my dad taking me to "hunting camp" when I was a kid. In a cabin deep in the forest of Vermont, a bunch of grizzled "good ol' boys" would sit around and tell stories by the fire. I realized that the hunting was secondary. The real fun of hunting camp was when they kicked back with a few cold ones, laughed, and talked about "the ones that got away" every night.


Tell me about your role on Talent: The Casting Call.

In the second season of Talent, I play Zach Decker, the mysterious neighbor of the main character Harper Walker. We make out in the show. Honestly that's the only thing I can remember.


Ha ha. Okay, so how did you get involved with the project?

I met the director, Tripp Reed at an audition for a different web series he was doing at the time. Because of scheduling problems with Battleground I wasn't able to take the role. Talent's shooting schedule didn't conflict, so Tripp brought me in to read and I booked the part.


How does the premise of this show relate to your experiences in your career?

I think the struggles of a musician trying to pursue her dreams in Hollywood are very relatable. Definitely some common themes. Getting taken advantage of by representation. Trusting the wrong people. Pitfalls, discouragement…. get back up, meet the right people, work your ass off, succeed when others predicted you'd fail….yup, common themes.


So, tell me more about what you’re currently filming… Battleground.

Battleground is Hulu's first scripted series. It's a half hour workplace “dramedy” set in the world of political campaigns. I play "Tak Davis" who is the head campaign strategist to the candidate.


What most interests you about this series?

Well, it's not just a story about politics. It’s a story about competitive spirit, and the personal costs of winning and losing. That's what most interests me. The glimpse into the roller coaster ride of campaigns and its personal and professional effect upon these characters.


What else are you up to? Any other projects in the works?

What else am I up to? I have a 3 year old daughter. I'm "up to" waking at 6:30am every morning with her to play baby dolls. Also, I’m working on a script with my writing partner Jay Malone. SSSHHHH!! As we put the finishing touches on that we're also exercising the demons on our Youtube comedy show Rapid Fire Tabloid News.


How about on the personal front? Anything amazing going on in your life right now?

The most amazing thing in my life? My wife… and my daughter, Amelia, who helps us define the word amazing everyday… and also the word breakable.


Dcolachico says...

March 15, 2012

Hey, Jay. There are so many memories I have of you growing up in our home that were a part of who you are today. I remember the first time you ate a sandwich (something your mom never made). What about all those trips to karate class? Remember the time I offered you and Andy the use of my credit card if you could name the song on the radio? Do you remember the name of it? I could go on and on. I'm excited to be among your fans. I wish you so much good I your career. Many blessings. David Colachico

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