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Jonathan Kite

Jonathan Kite

Article by Teresa Walters

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Jonathan Kite is flying high now that he’s landed a role on the new CBS show “2 Broke Girls.” He plays a raunchy meets romantic Russian cook on the sitcom alongside the witty Kat Dennings and talented Beth Behrs. Kite has been kicking around the networks for a while working with producers like Jamie Fox and sharing a show with Bijou Phillips. With years of sketch writing under his belt and now with his foot firmly planted in the comedic door he’ll be trying his hand at a full length feature film that he’s been penning for a while. One thing’s for sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Kite in and outside of the kitchen.



I've heard you do some wicked impressions of Tom Hanks and Vince Vaughn but is there some celebrity who's been your white whale? Someone you just can't nail down?

Yes, I've never been able to impersonate Brad Pitt's physique in "Fight Club".


Your passion seemed to lie with the sketch and improv comedy scene when you were starting out. If you could write a sketch with any one of your favorite comedians who would you want to be tossing around ideas with?

William Shakespeare or Oscar Wilde. I know I haven't seen any of their specs for sketch ideas, but for some reason I think we could come up with some pretty dope Elizabethan game show or Victorian era digital shorts. i.e. "To Be or Not To Be" the game show where contestants try to survive the bubonic plague. Could you imagine? Hilarious!


You're currently finishing up a full-length feature film script of your own. What is it all about and how long have you been working on it?

For legal purposes I cannot mention anything about this so I'll insert a stock answer provided by my legal team. "Great question! Jonathan has been working diligently on this for as long as he can remember. The story is about love, redemption, hope, perseverance, and America. We like to think of it as "The Godfather Part II" meets "Troll 2".


Do you have a life time supply of muscle milk?

I've never had it. I'm like the "before" of the "before and after" results of the benefits of Muscle Milk.


So now you're playing a russian cook on the new CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls. Who decided on the russian accent for your character Oleg?

The executive producers, Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings. I just showed up.


I heard you used to work in a kitchen - what's your favorite thing to whip up?

Quaker Oats and I make a pretty sweet bowl of Cap'n Crunch.


You must be used to working with a live audience - do the jokes or lines stay set in stone after the run through or is there room for some improv once you see how the audience reacts that first time?

Everything said on the show is written, just like doing a play or giving a State of the Union Address.


What's your favorite part about being on 2 Broke Girls?

The writing and plot are really edgy and relevant... and the endless incredible stories by legendary orator Garrett Morris. He's like Brotha Goose.


What is some advice you can give to an idealistic young talent who wants to move to Los Angeles and get noticed?

Drink Muscle Milk, watch 2 Broke Girls, and don't drink and drive.


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