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Jon Huertas

Jon Huertas

Article by Lauren Weigle

Photo by JSquared Photography
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Grooming by Joanna Pensinger

Wardrobe by Shane Cisneros






Most actors or actresses who have a sex tape out, cringe, try to run away, and definitely try to keep it under wraps… Not this guy! Jon Huertas’ screamin’ about his sex tape from the rooftops! It’s probably because Sex Tape is the name of his new album. That’s right! He’s not just an actor, he’s a music artist as well. Though this is not a new concept in the entertainment industry, Jon definitely puts a hot twist on it, embracing human sexuality with a mix of R&B, rock, and dance beats. There’s nothing like a juicy, sexy track or two to set the mood for some spicy fun. Even so, let’s not forget about the man’s exceptional acting chops. He’s also quite the philanthropist, producer, and dancer, with a dry yet flavorful sense of humor that will definitely keep you on your toes. So, let's take a little look inside the career of Jon Huertas and see if you can handle his infamous Sex Tape!


So, your resume as an actor is endless. Tell me about the first acting gig you ever landed.


Well the first gig was in second grade on stage in my Catholic School...but I think you mean TV or film so I'll tell ya about the first gig I got in Los Angeles when I moved here. I booked a Movie Of the Week for ABC that shot in San Diego. I had been trying to figure out how to get in the door and had gotten ripped off by a scam company...$3000!!! So, I called the agent I had back in the south where I had moved from and they were able to get me an audition for this film. Turns out one of the Exec Producers or Directors of Castle is that director's son, Rob Bowman. So, it seems everything has come full circle. I also got my first L.A. agent out of the deal, so all in all it was the best job I could ever had had that early in my career.

I’d say so. How do you feel you’ve grown as a professional actor since then?

I'm wider...

Ha. Oh yea? Okay, tell me about your role on the mini-series Generation Kill. I understand you filmed for months over in Africa. What was that experience like?

In Generation Kill, I played ‘Espera’...a wonderful character based on a real guy, not unlike myself, and I had a blast! It's not often you go on a job which requires you to move to a different country every three months and meet some of the best friends I have in my life. Also, working with David Simon is no joke! He is one of the best writers in modern television and to be able to say his words and tell his interpretation of a story was amazing. Also, being a veteran and being able to tell a true story about real veterans and what they experienced was an honor to say the least. I felt I had a huge responsibility to uphold the integrity of the story and being handed that responsibility shows that some people in Hollywood trust in me as an actor.

That must be great when you can actually relate to a role through personal experience. So, since you have so many roles under your belt, has auditioning and getting parts become easier at all?

Auditioning has always been easy...doesn't mean I always get the job, but an audition is opportunity to perform, to show someone what you can do. You may not be the perfect fit for the role, but if you do what you know you can do, you're most likely gonna make a fan out of somebody and one day that fan may hire ya!

So what do you keep in mind when you have your eye on a role?

Do I get to hit or shoot anybody? Kidding! Now, I look at the subject matter, what kind of character I'm to play, and if I can bring something special and unique to the role..."put my stank on it" in other words.

I got ya. Have you ever had to really fight for a role you wanted?

I have...but I didn't get it.

Okay, how about you give me the skinny on Castle? Tell me how your role as Javier fits into the show.

Javier is the muscle who is also the caring and funny sweetheart! He just wants to be the best cop he can be, protect his friends, and serve up justice...and he likes sexy medical examiners!

Ha. Don’t we all… Do you think that acting for TV is really your niche or do you prefer movie roles?

I think both types of medium go hand-in-hand. At this point an actor can't limit themselves, so I will always want to do both.

I know you also dabble in writing, directing, and producing. Let’s talk a little about some of the projects you’ve done in those departments.

I've produced a couple of features...one, not the best, the other, pretty good, and I just want to keep getting better as a producer and director. The short I directed is premiering at the Hollyshorts Film Festival and I also have a short I executive-produced called After School Special,which was written by Neil LaBute and stars Wes Bentley and Sarah Paulson.

Any plans for further directing and producing roles?

I'm looking at an amazing documentary to produce...can't talk much about it, and I have a feature that I'm writing that I want to direct next year in Louisiana. We'll see if I can get them off the ground.

So, let’s see. Your most recent film projects are Lone, Miss Dial, and Stash House. Let’s talk about Lone first.

Lone is the short I directed. Come to the Hollyshorts festival if you wanna know more. I gotta keep it under wraps.

I got ya, Mr. Secretive. Then let’s move on to Miss Dial and Stash House. The first is a comedy and the other is more of a dramatic thriller. Which kind of role are you generally more drawn to?

I'm drawn to comedy, but dark comedy or dry comedy. I do love portraying the villain though...you can have so much freedom sometimes. It's amazing what you discover about yourself and your own inner-crazy!

Uh oh. Ha. Ha. All right… a more serious topic. Puppies Behind Bars. I’m not very familiar with that charity. Would you mind educating me a little?

Yes...go to PuppiesBehindBars.com. Alright, I tell ya a little, but you gotta hit the website.


Okay, PBB is a charity that provides service dogs for wounded veterans as well as training dogs as Bomb Detection Canines; only we train them behind bars and in Prison. The inmates that train these dogs are now some of the best dog trainers in the world. I haven't seen dogs as smart as ours anywhere else.

All Right. It’s time for the question of the hour. Tell me about Sex Is The Word. It’s such a hot song.

Glad you like it! I wanted to do something that was close to my heart and SEX is. It always has been...it's the one experience where you need no outside stimulation to have an amazing euphoric feeling. All you need is yourself or better yet a partner! I think it's high time we celebrate it and not hide from it, or feel guilty about doing it or talking about it. So, I sing about it...a lot of artists do actually. It's the first song I did when I got back in the studio and I'm gonna have an entire album dedicated to celebrating sex. It's called “Sex Tape.”

So, with a name like Sex Tape, does your whole album have this kind of sexy vibe?

Of course...but it's got dance tracks, house, hip hop, R& B, and even some rock flavor...the next album will have a different theme.

Ideally, what would you want fans to be doing when they’re listening to your album?

It contains only three letters...and the word ends with "x."

Hmm… ends with “x”… I’m stumped.

Well, I also want people to dance...then get to the next thing, which I already mentioned.

So has music always been a constant in your life? When did you decide to move in that direction career-wise?

Music's always been a part of my life...but acting, singing, and dancing go hand-in-hand --- I did musical theatre and you have to do all three, so I don't know anything else. I've been singing and recording since I started acting, but sometimes one vine grows faster than the other.

I hear ya. Is it hard to manage a music career amidst your acting gigs?


I can only imagine… So, what’s next on the music front?

Another single is going to drop and maybe even a remix...I'm trying to be organic with what I do musically in terms of releasing stuff.


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