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Kayla Ewell

Kayla Ewell

Article by Lauren Weigle

Photo by Tyler Shields
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For Kayla, there’s nothing better than going out with her girls and tearing up the dance floor at “local joints”, drinking and letting loose. Holding her close clan of friends very dear, she can’t imagine life without them. “They don't care what shows I am on or anything like that, they just love me for me. It's so nice to have that, especially in a crazy city like Hollywood.” What more could a girl ask for? Well, aside from having a job that puts you alongside some of the steamiest guys in TV. Those are definitely some perks of the job and Kayla is not shy about it. She’s open, funny, and just a breath of fresh air.

Let’s sink our teeth into The Vampire Diaries. Just kidding. Tell me about all the blood-sucking on the show.

The blood on the show tastes like warm, sweet, syrup. It's actually pretty disgusting. It's ironic that we vampires have to act like we enjoy drinking the blood when it causes a huge gag reflex in real life.



Ha. Oh, no. I guess that takes definite skill then. So, you’ve said your character on the show was a really “slutty” high school girl. What were YOU like in high school?

Oh gosh. I was the exact opposite. I didn't drink or smoke, let alone do any hard-core drugs. A strong person doesn't let anyone or anything influence them to do something they don't want to until they are ready. I think that is what draws me to my character Vicki. She is the exact opposite, and it makes shooting really interesting and fun.




Well, vampires are so huge right now in entertainment. Are you a vampire fanatic too?

I really understand the fixation that our society has with vampires; they are forbidden and dangerous. We all want a little bit of that in our lives. The mysteriousness is what intrigues us. It also doesn't hurt that every being they seem to cast as a vampire is ridiculously attractive… Especially the men...Hello, Alexander Skarsgard!



I definitely feel ya on that one. So, what kind of things ARE you a fanatic about?

I am a TV fanatic. There is nothing better than settling in and catching up on my favorite shows. I am also a huge mac and cheese fan. I would eat it every day if I could… and sometimes that happens.



I bet those mac and cheese days made it difficult to keep that figure for when you played Caitlin onThe Bold and The Beautiful.

I loved being on Bold and the Beautiful. I was 18 when I first started and in a way, grew up on that set for years. I have so many fond memories of that cast. And, I love soap fans; they are fanatics in every good sense of the word. They remember every detail about every storyline. They amaze me.



Yea, I bet they had your lines memorized before you did, right? So, your character on the show was torn between two hot guys. Must’ve been tough, huh?

My boyfriends on the show were extremely gorgeous specimens. I had to pinch myself every day because I couldn't believe I was getting paid to kiss these amazing men.



Yea, it sounds horrible. Ha. Well, after you left the show, you guest-starred and appeared on every hit show on the planet. Any favorites?

My favorite show I've been on has got to be Freaks and Geeks. It doesn't matter what I work on, that show will always hold a special place for me. Not only was it my first job, but one of the best shows on TV.



Well, since we’re talking about the beginning, I know that you were first approached by an agent just during an acting class that you were taking. Do you think it pays to have formal training?

I don't think you need formal training to make it in the business. It definitely helps, but it's quite simple: you either have it or you don't. It just takes time to figure out exactly what "it" is.


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