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Kelly Dooley

Kelly Dooley

Article by Lauren Weigle

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BodyRock is awesome. It does just what it says… it rocks. Taking workout gear for women to new heights, BodyRock doesn’t just take active-wear to the next level. It takes it to a level you couldn’t even imagine. Known for their amazing sports bras, this label creates designs that are trendy, edgy, and powerful. I don’t know about you, but I definitely need more BodyRock in my life. Designer Kelly Dooley doesn’t just strive to create cool sportswear. Her aim is to innovate and empower women to “own their bodies”. It’s no wonder she has such an elite clientele.


So, I have to say that this is the first time I’m seeing your line and I’m going crazy over it, especially the sports bras. I wish my birthday was this month! How do you come up with such outrageous workout wear?!

Believe it or not, each design is born out of a void that I see in the active wear market. Because I am an athlete and also have a lot of friends in the fitness industry, I constantly encounter boring fitness clothes. One of my dear friends from the gym has a few pieces from my line and then also wears quite a few other brands. Let me tell you--when she is wearing BodyRock, you can see the difference in the way she talks, in the way she walks. She has that BodyRock swagger that characterizes our core customers. She, being the demure vixen that she is, has inspired quite a few design ideas because she is such an incredible athlete. Once I have an idea, just like anything else in life, I develop it from inception to execution. With the help of my design team, we create my dream pieces--in other words, active wear that is equally fashionable, functional, flattering and versatile. I wear them, test them, and tweak them accordingly until we have created something that is totally awesome. At first look, it may seem as though all I care about is the fashion element. It's actually the other way around. Functionality comes before fashion. We just know how to make everything look beautiful and edgy because we're fashion-forward, design savvy, and in tune with what women truly want!

What are some of the unique fabrics you use for your garments?

The vast majority of our fabrics are custom patterns--mostly made with Supplex and other moisture-wicking fabrics.

How is it that you are able to “blend fitness and fashion together” so well?

I think it's because I practice what I preach. I have always been a very creative and fashionable person, and as an avid "fitnessista," I am lucky enough to have been able to blend my shared passion for fitness and fashion in a way that makes the active wear world a much more beautiful place. Perhaps, I am just a natural born BodyRocker...... (She smiles.)

I know you are famous for your detailed and decorated sports bras, but you have many other items as well. Tell me about them.

Our sports bras represent the heart and soul of BodyRock Sport. My first collection was 12 sports bras, all with the same purpose in mind. I recall thinking, "You can combine one of my fabulous sports bras with a basic white tank and pair of black leggings and look like a million bucks." This enabled us to make our mark in the active wear market, but there was one problem. Now, I had a drawer packed with gorgeous sports bras but I didn't like any of my bottoms. Then I started competed in triathlons and absolutely detested the one-piece racing suits. So the other collections were a natural progression. But, just like everything else, all of the tops, bottoms, swimwear and luxe items are made with love and designed for women who equally adore fitness and fashion. I love being able to throw on The Jessica Moto Leggings, for example, with my purple Swarovski encrusted Jimmy Choo booties and Temperley London leather jacket. And when I roll out of bed the next morning, I can put the leggings back on and dash to the gym without anyone knowing! Of course, the point of this anecdote is to emphasize the amazing versatility that defines BodyRock Sport.

Your brand is very popular with the young Hollywood crowd. Who are some of your famed customers?

Some of our customers include Vanessa Hudgens, Hillary Duff, The Kardashians, Giuliana Rancic, Ashanti, Nicole Scherzinger and some unmentionables....

Why do you think such high-profile females are so attracted to your brand?

BodyRock Sport is a luxury lifestyle brand that caters to a particular type of women--those who have a little extra pep in their step, who are confident, unique, motivated and inspiring. Hollywood is no exception!

What do you do in order to keep abreast of the trends? No pun intended.

I call it designer intuition. Because I am so in tune with what is going on with the fashion world, I just know. And we also listen to our customers to hear what they want, what they feel is missing in the market, etc. We want to fulfill all of your wildest active wear dreams.

How do you incorporate these trends in your designs?

Patterns and silhouettes are the most effective way to incorporate trends into our designs. But I honestly don't really care about what other designers are up to. We do our own thing and we're cool with that.

Your brand has been all over the news and praised by so much of the media. What has really stood out to you as an amazing moment, publicly?

Yes, I have definitely been blessed with lots of press. I am incredibly grateful for this. But a standout moment was definitely my full page entrepreneurial feature written about me in The New York Post. That was an amazing feeling and proves that hard work pays off!

So, tell me what makes your “empowerment bras” different than your regular sports bra line.

Meet The World's First Fashionable and Functional Mastectomy Sports Bra. Each bra in this amazing collection has been named after a woman we personally know who has either survived breast cancer or who has fought to the end with her dignity intact. With six patterns to choose from, each bra has the functionality that a mastectomy bra must contain, including soft elastic for comfort, a front zipper, molded cups, and slits for silicone inserts. Whether you are a leopard lover or like to stick to solids, the goal is simple: to make you feel beautiful because you or someone you know is a breast cancer survivor. Every bra has a logo plate that says "I am empowered." As women, we must stick together and support each other, as breast cancer could happen to any of us. That's why we decided to partner with American Cancer Society. For each mastectomy bra that is purchased, we will be donating one to ACS for women in need. This is truly a collection of Empowerment Bras, all designed with love by women for women.

I’m dying over your two “moto” jackets. Where’d you get your inspiration for those?

I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER, seen a workout jacket that I have liked. So, I wanted to create something that was sporty and made with high tech fabrics but that looked rocker chic. Mission accomplished, I'd say. I live in both colors!

I’m so jealous! Okay. Let’s talk about your swim line. When did you start that?

The swim line launched last June because I re-designed the uniform for my triathlon team, Full Throttle Endurance Racing, which is based in NYC, and the ladies were so happy with how the pieces came out that I decided to make them available to our customers as well.

How about your Luxe line? I’m having dreams about the Trenta Bra.

The luxe line is the one place where I can really unleash my inner diva and create fantasy pieces that accurately represent my undying love for luxury deeply intertwined with my passion for fitness and fashion. That is where my inner artist gets to come out and play. Creating these works of art is by far the most gratifying for me. It's my version of heaven. If I could create everything as fabulous as the luxe bras, I would, but I also acknowledge the need to tone things down a bit....


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