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Meital Dohan

Meital Dohan

Article by Lauren Weigle

Photo by James Hickey
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Meital Dohan is as crazy as they come...in a totally sane way.  That's not supposed to make sense... just like her.  She is who she is.  She's a great singer, has an awesome personality, is an Oscar nominee, and is a lover of exotic pets.  As a dynamite chick, Meital Dohan is taking every aspect of the entertainment industry by storm.  She can act, write, sing, produce.... and she's amazing at it all.  Her kick-ass outlook in life carries her through it all, allowing her to always come out on top.  She's got quite a line-up for this year already to keep fans on their toes.  Take a closer look here at what you can expect from Meital Dohan in 2012.


Tell me about the tag line on your website... "I'm in hate with love."

It's the name of my album. 2012 is a time where capitalism is the most powerful force. Love has gotten left behind in the shadows.  This album is a reaction to the cultural landscape we're living in. The truth is, I love, love. I'm in hate with it only because somewhere along the way it got put on the back burner.


Ah, I got ya.  So, I understand you are set to perform at The Dinah Shore Festival.  How did you get involved with the event?

They contacted my team about wanting me to perform, which was really cool because in the past it's been a sort of launching pad for huge artists like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. I also really love what they stand for and like to be involved in music festivals that celebrate sexuality and non-conformity, so it was just a really great fit.


Okay. I also hear you've been designated as an emerging artist to watch this year.  How did it feel to hear that?

Well, my pet tiger Charlie did a back flip, so he was pretty excited. It always feels good when people are digging your music and want you to make more. It's an honor to be recognized for what you've already done, but my mantra is always to keep doing more, push harder, and look forward. Never get too comfortable. 


I like that.  Probably helps keep you grounded too. Maybe it'll also help keep you grounded when I congratulate you on the recent debut of your video Yummy on MTV.  Do you think there's a boxing nudist living inside all of us?

Absolutely! There's an inner boxing nudist in all of us. When you've had a bad day what's the first thing you want to do? It either to take your clothes off or punch someone. In this video I get to do both, so I'm sort of living the dream out for everyone else.


Well, Yummy is such a fun, club type song.  Where'd you come up with it?

I broke up with my boyfriend (how surprising). I used to live at Chateau Marmont and when I went downstairs to eat I saw some hot boys. I thought "these boys are hot, but please don't call me Baby" and I started singing to myself. (How simple life can be.)


Living at Chateau Marmont?  I'm so jealous right now.  What else do you have in the works music-wise?

I'm in the process of recording a lot of new music that I'm really excited about. I'll be releasing a new single soon too so watch out and be ready.


Oh, I will!  For now though, let's move on to writing.  Tell me about your book Unmasking The Most Intimate Feminine Moments.

The book Love & Other Bad Habits is a book of poems that I wrote which are coupled with photographs by my friend Karen Gillerman Harel. I wanted to call it the Humiliation Book at one point because it's all about how we humiliate ourselves through the vulnerability we experience when we're truly in love. It's also a very raw and honest portrayal of the feminine experience.


What inspired you to become an author?

I've always written things down. On scraps of paper. Napkins. In journals. Finally, I met the right person who wants to collaborate on a book with me. It was a really creative experience and something deeply personal. It grew out of that.


Do you plan on writing another book?  If so, can you give us a little idea as to what we might expect to be reading?

I definitely plan on writing more but right now my focus is on the music. Maybe it will be a book about naked women boxers.


Ah, the nudist boxer rears her head once again!  Okay... So, you're a two-time Oscar nominee.  Tell me about the projects that led you to these amazing honors.

I was nominated for the Israeli Oscar for my performance in God's Sandbox and Giraffes. They were both very controversial and demanding roles, so it was an honor to be rewarded for something that I felt I put myself into completely.


What else do you wish to do in terms of your acting?

Most recently, I co-starred with Rashida Jones and Chris Messina in Monogamy, which won Best Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival. I have a few more projects in the works including a feature film I'm producing and starring in, as well as a top secret TV project that I've been sworn under oath not to speak about.


Ooh, top secret, huh? So, you write, you act, you sing... What else do you do?

I take care of my pet tiger, Charlie. I dance a lot. I drink alkaline water. I run. I do Pilates. I travel around the world. Sometimes, I howl at the moon, when necessary.


Pet tiger?!  So, you're obviously very adventurous and you've mentioned a million things you do...  What do you plan to absolutely NEVER do?

I plan to never say never. I've learned so far that nothing is out of reach or off limits. It's all a matter of time and perspective. 


Is there anything else you have in store for 2012?

Aside from finishing my album, I have a lot of upcoming shows including Winter Music Conference, Dinah Shore, White Party and more...


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