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Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills

Article by Lauren Weigle

Photo by erik schultz
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Natalia Kills...She kills with her music...her looks...everything! This fashion-obsessed artist is almost always adorned in black, creating a sexy but fun, dark image.  Even so, she's not a total bad girl at heart...and neither is her pet dog, Dracula.  They are tongue-in-cheek to say the least. Great all around.  Her music's pretty awesome too.  She's actually on tour right now, so you can pick up tickets to her next concert if she's playing near you!  Let's have a chat with the sassy Brit, shall we?


You have such an interestingly dark, high-fashion look.  How would you describe your personal style? 

My friend described me as the 'rock n roll Audrey Hepburn' 'cause I like things that are striking yet minimal. I tend not to think about clothes too much because even though I love shopping, its more important for me to look like me than be on trend. Its all about the music really.


What do you normally look for when you're out shopping?

Something that'll get me laid... ha ha! Joke. Kinda. I have two beautiful dressing rooms in my Manhattan and Hollywood homes, so I like to add to each section, weather its catwalk or thrift. There are certain brands that I know fit and look how I want without even having to try it on; like Alexander Wang, YSL and Chloe Sevigny. I've collected a lot of accessories from Vivienne Westwood and vintage Chanel, so I look for things that can mix and match.


How does your music influence your wardrobe choices?

I don't have different looks, just different shapes and textures of black. Almost everything I wear is black. The same thing I'd wear on stage is also what I'd wear to the supermarket. Sometimes I feel more comfortable seeming overdressed than wearing something thats actually comfortable, just because i'm used to it.


What kind of image do you feel best represents you as an artist?

It's funny 'cause I'm not actually so dark. I'm not 'The Bad Girl" like everyone thinks I am. I'm just a bit intense in my music sometimes when I'm talking about bad relationships and how I always seem to ruin my life trying to undo the damage, but I just have to laugh about these things or write songs about it. I suppose I am my own image. But, I don't have any perspective of what that is because I'm not my own spectator. You can't be the subject and the audience all at once, unless you live your whole life with a mirror in front of you. I like to just get on with it and let other people receive me as I am. But I do all the things that fun girls do...and more if you're lucky.


Tell me where "Natalia Kills" comes from...

I'm from England. And yeah, I'm a Killer. (She smiles.) 


Speaking of killing, tell me about your song Kill My Boyfriend.

Its about my first boyfriend. Again. My songs are all extracts from my personal memoirs and conversations between friends. Sometimes when you make a song you just need to say exactly what you mean instead of being too polite or poetic about it. And, there's been so many times when I've sat with my girls and said "I could kill him! I seriously wanna kill him right now..."


I think we've all probably had that feeling at some point.  So, tell me about some of the boyfriends you've had who have lived. 

Mostly good guys doing bad things, which made me react badly, so I guess its just a domino effect 'cause we both destroy each other in a race to not look like the last fool standing. Teenage shit. I'm a lot more stable now though. I'm not riding in the back of police cars or stalking any boyfriends, not since I was 19, which is pretty good. Who knows how long I can keep it up for? 


Let's take another fun turn. I'd love to hear about your pooch Dracula.

Dracula is 3 now.  She has a crush on Sammy, my drummer's chihuahua, but he's such a mama's boy, he hardly notices her. She's a real girlie girl and luckily she's never chewed any of my Alexander Wangs or other heels. I bought her a chewy "Louboutin" squeaky toy to play with so that keeps her pretty busy.


Aw... So, you're touring the U.S. right now... Any spots you're really looking forward to visiting?

I've never been to Vegas, even though its only a few hours away from where I live in Hollywood. That's gonna be wild! I love desert and mountains because it reminds me of being a little girl watching American movies, so hopefully I'll get to see a lot of that along the way. 


What are some must-have items you have to keep with you when you're on the road?

I bring everything! I rarely ever unpack my luggage and I always have 6 weeks worth of things to choose from. I'm away so often that I practically live wherever my suitcase falls, so I don't bother being selective. 


Are you working on anything new right now?

I'm making new music everyday. Its the best thing ever!


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