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New Cassettes

New Cassettes

Article by Lauren Weigle

Short link: http://bit.ly/GZnEn6   

We know that cassettes are the old way to play music, but not in this case. New Cassettes is a great addition to the music industry. They’re quirky and chill, but their creativity definitely comes from the heart. With some of their influences being Jimmy Eat World, Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac, and The Police, what’s not to love? Let’s take a closer look at this indie pop group and all they have to offer.


How’d you come to be New Cassettes?

The band was formed as a birthday gift to singer Tom as none of us could afford a real present...

Ha ha. So, did you guys come with a receipt?

Presents from the heart don't need receipts, they get nurtured.

Your biography reads “five people, no idea…”. Tell me about that one.

We're just bluffing our way through being a band... No set ideas as to what we write just what happens...

Do you kind of embrace that philosophy as a way of life as well?

I think we all have our own hidden agendas, but we all want to make great music and see the world.

Being that there’s five of you, what’s the process like when you’re writing new material? How about when you’re in the studio?

We tend to write each song differently, some are all one person’s and then the band adds to it, and some we write all together in our rehearsal room. A couple we won in a cracker which was lucky. Studio-wise we've always recorded it ourselves so we tend to just make it up as we go along. Nice and relaxed vibe and plenty of coffee helps.

Tell me more about the “cracker”?

Sometimes if Tom sings a bad lyric we are like "did you get that out of a Christmas cracker?"

You just released your new album. What kind of material’s on the album?

It’s a little bit poppy, a little bit dark in places... Like an aural haberdashery.


Can you tell me more about what we might hear on this record?

It's a bit of a musical journey without being cliche. We have a couple of fast-paced poppy numbers and some louder and darker tunes thrown in. We all have our own different favorites, but we are equally proud of what we have achieved.

What’s your inspiration behind this record?

The record was a step up for us as a band from our first album 'the art of', which was light and chirpier. This is our hangover record.

Ha ha. How so?

Our first album was a bit disposable, a bit of a party. This was written the day after when we were not so spritely. We sing about feelings, but not in an Emo way, more of collection of alternative power ballads disguised as indie belters.


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