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What more can we say about Nicoletta? The beautiful, self-taught musician was encouraged by a friend at the age of 15 to electrify others with her many talents. Due to her unbreakable bond with music, Nicoletta bares her soul into each lyric that she belts out in perfect melody. With an "aggressive, outgoing, and playful" way of life, she instills her life's lessons and epic journey to finding her voice and confidence to demand the stage. She is fearless in all that she does when it comes to her love of music, for it's her way of connecting to a world as big as the messages she conveys with just one strum of the guitar.


When was the moment you realized, just before heading the stage for the first time, that your dreams of being a performer was coming real?

I realized that my dreams were becoming real when I peaked out into the crowd and saw how many people were out there supporting me. It was more than I expected and it made me realize that I was doing something people really loved.


Could you describe the journey of how you found your voice to gaining the confidence to share your love of music?

I always LOVED singing. And I always appreciated music so much that a simple song could make me cry. I didn't realize I had this gift until I was a teenager. I was 15, and I would always sing under my breath because I was a bit timid to sing full voice. On numerous occasions my friends would tell me to "stop hiding" my voice. So one day I overcame my fear of being shy and surprised them by belting out a Christina Aguilera song. Since then they encouraged me to break out of my shell. The more I sang, the more I fell in love with it, and the less shy I became. It was so important to have that positive support system going in the very beginning. I became so confident and realized that this was my calling in life.


What was the first album or song that inspired you?

Alanis Morissette - Hand in my pocket. There was something about her and that song that inspired me to be honest and a little out there. "I feel drunk but I'm sober" I feel like that everyday.


Continuing the topic of inspiration, you said," I like to be as honest and straight forward as possible in my music, I want to inspire people with my music." If there was one message that you would want your fans to gain from your music, what would that message be?

My message is to love yourself and everything that makes "you". There's so much deep inside of us that we've yet to discover, and it's my job to dig my little musical hands in there and pull it out. And when you discover who you really are, accept it and embrace it.


Who was that friend that encouraged you to sing?

There were quite a few, but one in particular is my best friend, Callan King. She always encouraged me and supported my love for music and singing. She told me to never judge my talents (although I'm my own toughest critic and a major perfectionist). And to just be who I really am as an artist.


Out of all the songs that you have written, which one is closets to your heart? Why?

Untitled Love”. I wrote that song during a very difficult time in my life. My father was diagnosed with cancer about four years ago. When I got the news my heart broke. I was devastated. I remember just sinking to the ground and questioning life. My parents are divorced, but during that time, my parents managed to put the past behind them and move forward to try and beat the C word. That experience brought our family so close together, and thank the Lord, my father beat it. Four years later he's still here and still strong. The song is about the painful experience it was for all of us, the realization of our reality at that time, and the story of my parents. "It's amazing how tragedy can bring things together. We went our separate ways and made all of our mistakes. Hey what do you know, at the end of the road we found each other".


Everyone has their favorite solo artist or band, that when they listen to their music it helps soothes them. Is there a particular artist or band that you have to get your daily dose of?

I find that it's always changing. But I will say Fall Out Boy (R.I.P) always hit the spot. I'm a ball of energy and so is all of their music. I love anything high energy.


You have written songs for Disney artist and demo'd vocals for Rihanna and Christina Aguilera. Is there anyone, past or present, that you would love to work with?

I would love to work with Bruno Mars. What a voice, man. And a great writer.


When you're not writing music, are there any other pastimes that you indulge yourself in?

Reading! Knowledge is power.


Maroon 5's Adam Levine was asked recently if he were president for a day, what would he change about the world. If you were president, what would you change?

There's so much I would do, but I would have to agree with Adam. I fully support same sex marriage. After all, half of my fan base is not straight. I love my gays!


This is a series of "Rapid Fire" questions that gets readers to know a little bit about you:


Favorite instrument? Guitar.


Comfort Foods? CHOCOLATE.


Superhero? My mom.


Dream place to visit? Hawaii.


Famous Crush? Ryan Gosling.


Finish the sentence: As Kristen Stewart is to Balenciaga, Nicoletta is to...Victoria's Secret Bombshell.


Biggest Fear? I'm fearless.


Cannot live without? MUSIC! And my family of course.


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