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Pilar Sanders

Pilar Sanders

Article by Teresa Walters

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You'd have to be pretty quick on your feet to keep up with Deion Sanders but in the case of Pilar Sanders, she is the one who gets his heart racing. Wife of the famous football star, she juggles just as many gigs as he does. Model, actress, entrepreneur, personal trainer, mother and philanthropist; she is both multi talented and keenly industrious. Even if she has a full plate already she always has something cooking. With a good sense of humor and a warm heart she tells us about life in the limelight.

Deion and yourself had some amusing and biting banter on PrimeTime Love. Did you guys fall into that romantic ribbing right when you met? What was your first date like?

Well, the banter began day one. One of his attributes that grabbed me immediately was the fact that Deion was quick on his toes…literally and figuratively. [Laughs]. He could go toe to toe without breaking stride verbally and with comedy so it was a wrap! The first time we ate together, we took a limo to a place I'd never been before...Popeyes! Yes, Popeyes Chicken!  But I think that was strategically planned because when we went inside to order he cleared his throat and motioned for me to look behind where we were standing and low and behold there he was… an 8ft. cutout of him and the Road Runner! [Laughs] Talk about a conversation piece!


Yes it is. So, let’s talk about Football Wives. Did you know any of the ladies before you got involved with the show? Were you surprised by some of their personalities or where they were coming from? Can you dish on any behind the scenes drama?

I only knew one of the wives, Rahgibs Ismails’ wife, before getting involved with the show but I did not know any of the other wives at all. I am one to not judge a book by its cover, because it's done to me ALL of the time, so I had no preconceived notions of any of the gals. I didn't know where they came from, where they lived or who they were married to, never heard anything about them before the show. Unfortunately reality TV isn't always what it says it is. With hundreds of hours of footage being cut down into 22 minutes divided often by 7 cast mates - I'd say the realness of life is missing, However, seeing a slanted view or not, an overall depiction of a person is made and edited to support whatever 'role' was created. Luckily for the avid viewer, it's up to them to read between the lines and do a scavenger hunt to find the whole person. Dish: There is ALWAYS so much more than what you see! What you may hear the loudest or see the most of, isn't always the truth. For instance I am placed in scenes at a fashion preview that I never shot with 5 of the other cast members (Episode 4) and "said" that my husband and I hold a boot camp at our home,... and we do NOT (Episode 3).  But I really do train women in Lancaster, TX (1hr. away from my home).


Were you ever worried being on Football Wives would pigeon hold you or maybe keep you in that role as Deion's wife? You are certainly vivacious and multi-talented person as well so how are you able to juggle all the roles you play? Has it been a struggle defining yourself or getting into your own groove and path outside of Deion?

I'm not worried about being pigeon holed as Deion's wife because I am. I'm very proud of that. [Smiles] I think what we all struggle with, men and women alike, is learning how to juggle life, religion, family, career along with the social aspect of life. Finding and keeping a balance is the key. Having God as the center and in the mix of everything is paramount! Once getting into the rhythm of life, it is always somewhat of a challenge to begin to move to a different beat. So going from a model/actress to wife/mommy to business/philanthropist/entrepreneur, has been a bit of a challenge with the adjustments in schedules and making sure that the most valued things in my life stay at the top of my list in terms of personal, family and business time. Healthy boundaries have to be set in place so we all as a family can win.

Some people have said that I "shouldn't have to want to work". Well, Deion is very old fashion in that perspective. He believes that as a man, husband and father that his responsibility is to cover our home and take care of all of our needs. I honesty applaud him for that because he is a go getter, a great provider and will do anything for us…his family and loved ones. That's not something you can teach, it's in him! So to understand that aspect and move from the realm of being a housewife and operating all of my businesses and charities from home, to now being more public on a show different than our family show, Deion and Pilar: PrimeTime Love, was a bit of a growing process for both of us. But support from my family has undoubtedly helped me find my own personal groove.


Your daughter plays the muse for your perfume - Shelomi. What was it about her that sparked this new scent?

My baby girl, Shelomi, is a ball of joy! From her smile to her sweet demeanor, she is completely captivating. I always said that if I could bottle up her beautiful spirit to share with others I would. I believe I grabbed a good piece of it in my first fragrance "Shelomi". It is Fresh yet a little flirty, sweet and light and lasts all day long…Which is a MUST for a really great Fragrance!


What would you create or design if Deion played the role of muse in your next project? 

His fragrance. In which case he's already played my muse. I love a man whose sent is unforgettable…Strong, masculine and absolutely sexy.


Is there a copy of Power Money and Sex on your bookshelf? Is it hard to keep your faith and your family grounded in the midst of the fame?

No, he has a copy on his shelf, though. It's not hard to keep grounded because I don't forget I came from. Understanding life no matter where you are in it is a gift and a blessing all on its own, Knowing that we are all one incident away from our lives changing drastically, and Believing that I am not here by accident but on purpose and that there is a bigger reason than myself that I am where I am now. It's really not about me. And this is what we teach our children.


Can you tell us anything about the new TV series Single Ladies?

The series Single Ladies is full of faces we all know and love to see in action. A beautiful cast of women who bring the comedy and drama. Oh, and yes, the men are definitely a must see for all of the real single ladies.  


As a trainer what are some of your “must do” no fail exercises that keep you in shape and give you that energy to keep up with the kids?

Staying in great shape and having energy is accomplished by two things…Good nutrition and exercise at an 80%-20% ratio. In essence you really are what you eat so, trying to eat live, clean foods is always best. I think the "no fail" exercises bring you right back to the good ol' fashion basics: sit ups, crunches, squat thrust, lunges, running, jump rope, pushups and pull ups. You can do these anywhere and anytime without fail and get results fast.


What inspired you to get involved with different charities? Can you tell us a bit about them?

My mother and father always said that charity begins at home, and that's right where I learned it. I grew up volunteering my time, effort and always giving money to charitable causes. I believe in tithing and giving in general. Becoming a flowing river brings blessings that money cannot always buy. Believing in that lead me to establish and head our 501c3's: Sanders Claus, in which case we bridge together companies and communities to answer the needs of the people whether it be building a new home, stocking refrigerators and cabinets full of food, giving items that medical companies refuse to cover like motorized wheel chairs or teeth! Nothing is too big or too small for Sanders Claus to be involved in…And PrimeTime Association, where we house our TRUTH Academic & Athletic League. As well as working with the Texas Dept. of Agriculture to help feed children and families throughout the entire state of Texas. In 2011 we will be the face of the Summer Food Program insuring that children will be provided with nutritious meals throughout the summer when school is not in session. And we are also opening our Charter School in 2011.


Is there anything new happening on the modeling front for you? Who are some of your new favorite designers right now?

I am focused more on acting and producing, launch my first fragrance "Shelomi" from my new Signature Collection, and operating our charities, Sanders Claus and PrimeTime Association. 

Some of my favorite designers are Roberto Cavalli, Laguna Beach and TRUTH Tees.


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