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Poppy King

Poppy King

Article by Star Noor

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Poppy King is a lipstick legend.  Her North by Southeast journey to be crowned as lipstick majesty has certainly won her the respect of an aggressive industry and her ability to wheel and deal around a volatile market is perhaps why she was named one of the “Global Leaders of the New Millennium” by Time Magazine back in 1995.  


Poppy’ Australian chronicles is exactly the type of thing we all wish would happen to us.  Taken by the glamour of old Hollywood and fed up with her search for the lipstick du jour the 18 year old girl, just coming of age to embrace her long lust for lip color, decided to simply create her own brand.  Poppy Industries was a smash selling 3 million within the first year of its release. 


Fast forward 12 years later when Poppy disbanded her company, relocated to NYC, and took over Estee Lauder Companies’ Perspectives brand as Vice President of Creative Marketing which she handled with precision until, as the story goes, three years had come to pass and Poppy longed to reign once more over her own free spirited brand with perfect shades, unconventional names, and a personal touch by a girl who just wanted the perfect lipstick and ended up coloring the beauty world with her own kind of bravado.


Of course, like any other real life story, it’s not nearly as romantic or as easy as it all sounds-there’s much, much more to it than that, “I was not an extraordinary 18 year old.  I had very little direction and not a great deal of ambition.  In fact, I was pretty lost.  I had nothing tangible like money or a family business to give me a head start.  I did, however, have one huge advantage.  I allowed myself to wish for something, identified it as an idea, and took it seriously enough to think more about it.  And that’s something that any of us can do.” 


In her book Lessons of a Lipstick Queen Poppy tells the tales that she hopes will help women find a way to carve their own piece of the pie and gain sustainability.  No worries, there are no pompous courts or snobby magistrates to contend with, only a woman who learned by doing and gained some ground along the way.


We caught up with her to get a few tips on how we can up the ante on luscious lippies.








-To get the most impact from your lipstick, apply straight from the tube


-To make lipstick last longer, apply one coat and then blot with a tissue and apply another coat on top


-To stop lipstick from bleeding you can use your concealer around the outside of your mouth before applying your lipstick


-To keep lips in good shape use a spare toothbrush to exfoliate and massage them in gentle circular motions


-The deeper/brighter the lipstick the less the eye makeup and vice versa.


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