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Seamus Dever

Seamus Dever

Article by Teresa Walters

Photo by Manfred Baumann
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It is time to get to the bottom of this Seamus Dever fellow. Interrogating my interviewee, I find out that Dever belts out his fair share of Tom Jones tunes every once and a while. Plus the clever star of the hit show “Castle” gives us useful tips on finding some good vegan grub and what he would be doing if he wasn’t solving crimes on prime time TV!


From doctors to detectives, the characters you play are often from upstanding professions but tell us what would you be doing nine to five if it wasn't acting? 

I don’t know. Probably be a scientist or a jazz piano player. Probably both. I got good grades in school, I could have gone any number of ways.


You play Kevin Ryan who is the witty and recently wed character of Castles clever investigative team on the ABC show. It was your second time round marrying Juliana who plays Jenny. Are there traits or tips as a couple from your onscreen marriage that actually help with your offscreen one?

Yes, communication is essential to making a relationship work. I think that actually Kevin and Jenny could work on their communication to alleviate misunderstandings. But then we wouldn’t have material on the show, would we?


There are bromances, romances, thrills and tears in Castle but what is your favorite episode and why? Also who would you like to see guest star on the show in the future?

My favorite was in this season, “Kick the Ballistics” where Ryan has to solve a murder that involves his stolen service weapon. It was all about owning up to mistakes and doing the right things. It was very personal for Ryan and I got to stretch the old dramatic muscles a bit. It was difficult and fun at the same time. Gosh, as far as guest stars, it’s always great to get people on the show that you admire. I think I’m gonna work on Chris Lilley and Simon Pegg to get on the show. Very funny people.


I've read that you are a vegetarian. How long have you been one and can you share some secret special recipes?

Yes, I’ve been a vegetarian for eight and a half years. My wife is a wonderful cook and does some amazing things in the kitchen. One of my favorite recipes is Russian Potato salad. It is diced potatoes boiled first. Then you add scallions, chopped bread and butter pickles, chopped hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, garlic, brown mustard, salt to taste. I used to eat a lot of it when I lived in Moscow. Recently, I’ve connected with some of my cousins in LA and they both run vegan restaurants: Sage Vegan Bistro and Café Gratitude. Awesome that I have so much family who are vegetarians.


You have some singers in your family tree it must be intimidating when you get together for karaoke. Do you sing? What is your song of choice when in front of a karaoke crowd?

Choosing a karaoke song is tricky. You need something showy and not too long. You need to think ahead about instrumental breaks too. Stairway to Heaven violates all of those things. Also a song like David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” gets really repetitive at the end as does Bay City Rollers “Saturday Night”. Those are both past karaoke mistakes of mine. I also look for rare karaoke songs that you don’t hear much. I have a list on my phone to remind me. I always look for “Vehicle” by the Ides of March or “A Town Without Pity” by Gene Pitney. My favorite is probably “Delilah” by Tom Jones. I once brought down the house at an Irish pub in East Berlin. It was karaoke night and all the chaps from the British Embassy were there so they had a nice home grown appreciation of the tune and they sang along to the chorus. Pretty cool night.


Some of your tweets reveal some pretty pooches. How many dogs do you have and are you involved with some animal charities?

Yes, we have two rescue dogs, Sophie and Maizy. We are involved with Best Friends Animal Society, Farm Sanctuary, and Beagles and Buddies. Some really great folks who work really hard to help animals. Those guys are my heroes.


Lastly just for fun who is your favorite band?

Radiohead. Full stop.  


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