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Travis Milne

Travis Milne

Article by Jack Oughton

Photo by Traver Rains
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Travis Milne is a Canadian actor from Lac La Biche, Alberta, who may be better known as Chris Diaz in the police drama series Rookie Blue. Though enchanted by cinema from a very young age, he only began acting in earnest in his teens, after some significant encouragement by his high school drama teacher. Travis found fame in 2007 when he became a co-host on My Green House- an ecological reality show. Since then he's built a profile on a number of TV series such as Bionic Woman and on indie and short films like Hope For The Broken Contender.

One of your earlier jobs was as a co-host on My Green House. Would you say you are an environmentalist?

Absolutely! In fact one of my biggest hobbies is doing carpentry projects from refurbished items. Nothing makes me more happy then taking something used-up and forgotten, and making it new again.

You voice act as well, in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. What's it like being in anime? Lots of shouting and grunting?

I love voice acting. It?s a blast, and yes there was tons of yelling going on during my work on Gundam, maybe even too much. I could only do about four hours of voice work a day because it was so intense and straining on my throat...but it was still awesome.

How does the Canadian entertainment industry compare to the US entertainment business?

Nothing, they are both unorthodox, risky, and totally captivating all at the same time.

I heard that you where an athlete considering going pro when you were younger. Did you always want to be a professional sportsman?

Yes, I wanted to be either a track pro (1500 M sprint), or a CFL football player.

Do you get to play many sports these days, are they still as much fun as they used to be? What's your favorite?

I still play a lot of pick-up b-ball and I’ve also takin? up wall climbing recently which is a total riot. I try as many sports as I can, when I can.

If you where an animal what would you be?

A wolf, and yes... I?d have a wolf-pack. Except mine wouldn’t get into some many mishaps like the bunch from “The Hangover”.

What do you do for fun and relaxation?

I love listening to records (Dean Martin and Supertramp) and cooking (cleaning?s the only set back), and building stuff around the house. Patience is a virtue I still haven?t received, so I try to keep my hands and mind occupied with positive things.

When was your 'big break'? What did you do to get it?

I did a film called “Leslie, My Name is Evil” which lead me to getting my big break on “Rookie Blue”.

Got a secret talent?

I know it?s implied that I can shoot a gun because I?m on Rookie Blue, but I actually can, really well. I can also juggle, not guns though... apples.

Rookie Blue seems to be doing very well, how do you find your role as Chris? It describes him as a 'by the book' character - are you a 'by the book' kinda guy in reality?

No, not at all. There?s a scene in 108 of Rookie Blue where I say “screw the manual”... I?m more like that guy. Rules and me get along for a bit, and then I either find a way to bend them, or I just say screw it and break them.

What actor would you most like to work with?

Definitely Brad Pitt, after seeing Tree of Life it?s pretty much sealed the deal on the fact that I look up to him as an actor.

If you could visit any planet as a tourist (and not die - obviously) - which would you go to and why?

Saturn for sure, to see all the moons. I did a study of Saturn once when I was a kid for a grade 8 science project and since then it?s always been really interested in that particular planet.

What do you find deeply hilarious?

How families never seem to get along during Christmas...well at least mine anyways.

Of all your work so far, which is most important to you?

All of it.

Finish these sentences "The most boring thing I've ever endured was..."

I?ve never been bored, if something is boring I will just leave it before it becomes something I have to endure.

and "When someone gives me a spraycan I..."

I throw it up in the air and try to shoot it.

If you could go forward in time 40 years and talk to your future self what question would you ask him?

First off I say- “Shit! You're still here!?” and second I?d ask “What stocks should I invest in?”

What would be more useful to you, 3 arms or 3 eyes?

3 arms for sure, one more capable hand for working on things. Plus, it?d be way less awkward trying to explain it at dinner parties what happened instead I?d just hand them another drink.

What's your advice to anyone starting out in the entertainment industry on how to 'make it'?

Make sure you never take yourself for granted. Just because you?re not working doesn’t make you worthless. Never be afraid to try new healthy things and always take a good opportunity, big or small.

Someone gives you a coupon that can be used to purchase a full tank of gas and any vehicle you want (thats anything - cars, fighter jets, cruise liners, etc) what would you get, what would you do with it and why?

I?d get a fighter-jet for sure, the reason is simple, because flying it would be bad ass and life changing all at the same time, plus dangerous because I don?t have my pilot license.

What's the next big project for you?

Right now I?m all about Rookie Blue, the next big project will come, but I?m focusing on the one at hand right now.


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