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Fall 2010 SWAG Giveaway

Fall 2010 SWAG Giveaway

Posted by Jesse Weed

Fall 2010 SWAG Giveaway Photo 1 Fall 2010 SWAG Giveaway Photo 2 Fall 2010 SWAG Giveaway Photo 3
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This months SWAG includes...

Model 1: Top by Cami Anna Lynn, skirt by Cami Anna Lynn, necklace by Aegyptia, hairband by Damsel’s Blackheart

Model 2: Top by Induce, jeans by Stone Blue Jeans, sunglasses by Angel Eyewear Necklace: Marya Zoya

Model 3: Top by Worn By, scarf by AJB Clothing, skirt by Damsel’s Blackheart, ring by Fancy Sexy Me, necklace by Marya Zoya, hairclip by Damsel’s Blackheart

Model 4: Top by Cami Anna Lynn, skirt by Cami Anna Lynn, ring by Winifred, necklace by Idle Hands Designs, hairclip by Claudia’s Clips

Sorry! This SWAG giveaway is over!

Congratulations to the winners!


631176119 says...

January 12, 2011

OMGoodnes, that is a killer scarf on model three, where do I get one? I sure hope I win :D

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