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Yael Cohen

It was an honor to sit down with Yael Cohen, Founder, President, and CCF (Chief Cancer Fucker) of Fuck Cancer, a charity dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of early detection for all cancers. Cohen started the organization in 2009 when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Astounded to learn that over 90% of cancers are curable in stage one, Cohen realized that early detection is our only cure right now and that we should be looking for cancer instead of just finding it. Fuck Cancer targets Generation Y in an effort to engage them in the important dialogue about early detection; with a clear call to action to involve, engage, and educate their parents. The movement aims to create a generation that puts an END to late stage cancer. While we may not see a “cure” for cancer in our lifetimes, early detection is the surest way to prevent a lot of suffering and save a lot of lives. We can only do this through education, which is why raising awareness is just as important as raising funds. For more information on Fuck Cancer, please visit www.letsfcancer.com and follow Yael on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/MsFuckCancer.

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A special thank you to The Burrard hotel (www.theburrard.com) in beautiful Vancouver, BC for allowing us to film this wonderful interview in their courtyard!